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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nightngale, Jun 27, 2008.

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    If you live on the east coast near MD....our Rite Aid has been putting rx coupons in their sunday ad everyweek for $30 if you transfer an rx to their pharmacy. Now they only accept one per person every 6 months, but Kmart and Giantfood take competiters coupons. K mart will take one a month, they sometimes also have them in Sunday ad, as does Target. There are 3 Giants I can use, ( its a big suburban area, that way they haven't gotten to know my face too well) so I have benn tranferring my rx's around, I actually have to keep a log so I don't get confused as to where it originated, etc,,,,and certain ones can only be moved once, such as xanax and klonopin. And the paper rx for pain meds have to be consdiered "new" I have literally received about 300$ at least this year....and today I spent an hour in CVS (they had sent one in mail for $35! just looking thru everything and having fun picking out a few little things I normally would not afford. I spend the rest on essentials as much as possible but it was fun getting my granddaughter a big bubbler maker toy. Giant doesn't seem to keep track of it in their system. I do see them writing it down so maybe each store will do it once a month? In the past two days I got $90 in gift cards and boy did it go fast..mostly on food...the pharmacist at Kmart said DO IT!!!! She said she would.
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    although this seems harmless be careful...transferring drugs to different pharmacies like that can be considered the behaviour of "drug seekers" who don't want pharmacies to follow them.

    If your prescriptions ever came into question this could hurt you.
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    I agree with Dragon.
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    This can be done as log as you tell your doctor, i told him that i use the coupons at a few pharmacys and he says that is fine as long as he documents it and why i am doing it.
    so he put the three pharmacys i use in my record.
    he understands we all need money!
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    Most of the rx's I transfer are for things like Spiriva, prilosec, Vitamin d, B shots, etc, so there is no reason why I would be considered a drug seeker. Everyone knows it's a bad economy. I was just trying to show how you could make some gift card money while filling all the rxs...and the controlled substances can only be moved once anyway, which I use the same pharmacies, just at different times. I have had absolutely no problem. I can see your points though! The rx for Percocet, obviously is a paper script and cannot be tranfered anyway, however if I have a coupon for a new rx I can use it for that. I have only gotten percocet twice and try to limit it for my real bad pain days.
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