Make the Connection: Health and Environment

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    It is my belief "we" are sick because we've had SIGNIFICANT chemical exposure, ususally to pesticides and solvents. These couple Q's and A's speak volumes, but the whole article is good. This author agrees, the most dangerous of these products, are,,,,Pesticides.

    Q: What products are considered harmful?

    There are many products around the home that may contain ingredients that have the potential to cause harm. These include:

    detergents and cleaners
    paints, varnishes, lacquers and inks
    textiles (i.e. fabrics, furniture, carpets)
    building materials (i.e. plywood, insulation materials, etc.)
    personal care products
    automotive products
    Not every product in every category has potentially harmful ingredients, but many do.

    Q: Where would I find these substances?

    All of these products can be purchased for use in and around the home, but many are also used around workplaces and other public places so they are virtually ubiquitous. Away from the home, exposures to cleaning products and pesticides are the most common.


    Q: Of the products listed, which are of greatest concern?

    Of all the products listed, pesticides and cleaning products containing glycol ethers are of greatest concern, but all of the listed products are of concern. Pesticides are of greatest concern because they have been documented in many cases to cause neurological and organ damage, and many people may be exposed to them without knowing it. This is especially troubling now that odor masking agents are being added to pesticides so the tell-tale odor of recent pesticide applications is not longer a reliable warning. Products containing glycol ethers are of concern because they are common to many cleaning products and glycol ethers have been shown to be far more damaging to the central nervous system than previously believed.


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    One of my Traumas was I fell on my spine after slipping on Ice while taking down a flag in the front of the EPA (Environment Protection Agency)building 35 years ago.I was really hurt and had to have my neck in traction off and on for several years.They were held responceable because they were surpose to keep the sidewalks cleaned off.
    I just thought leave it to me to fall in a government lot and hurt myself.Kinda Ironic
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    Avoidance is the best thing for MCS. And I have two air purifiers. I completely avoid artificial sweeteners and msg. I take fish oil,magnesium, calcium, Co Q-10, milk thistle and turmeric. I drink naked juice green machine and rain forest acai. I also take 2 benadryl at bed time. I also drink or eat yogurt every day. Lots of green leafy vegetables and unprocessed foods also seem to help. I also think that "jarring" exercise helped to awaken or create new neurotransmitters. I'm unbelievably better than I was 2 months ago. My BP doesn't shoot up or drop dramatically. I think formaldehyde is my main culprit and it is in just about everything.
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    Hopefully benadryl helps with my hypersensitivity. But, it's the only medicine I take. Did you read the post about migraine versus myth? I think part of it may apply to chemical sensitivities and the role that seratonin plays.

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