Make Up Mirrors--The verdict is in!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lgp, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. lgp

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    I was in Target this morning and noticed that the Conair make up mirror was on sale for 27.49 so I decided to buy it despite some of the mixed reviews I've read. Got it home, tried it out, and I think it works just great. However, I must warn you, if anyone decides to purchase a mirror like this, seeing your face in the lighted 5x mirror, can be a bit frightening. Just sayin'!!



    LEFTYGG Member

    i have had many 5x but i looked in a 10x at BBandB and the hair on my face looked like trees.

    ill check the target one thats a good price, love gail
  3. lgp

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    I wouldn't walk, I would seriously RUN from a 10x!! I am just not that brave; 5x was enough gazing at myself for me--LOL!!

    I am sure the 5x will be a pleasure for you now!!

  4. lgp

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    I think the light is bright enough--suits my purposes. During daylight hours, My desk/vanity table has a window next to it so I keep the shade up and have the sunlight as well. But with the magnifier side, I find the lighting on the mirror to be adequate.

    Jam, I finally caved and bought this mirror because the lighting alone in my bedroom and bath just wasn't adequate and I really can't see anything without my glasses. I would get into my car and open the sunroof and have to correct my make-up before I went out. And the neighbors stare at you just a little strange when you tweeeze your eyebrows sitting in the car in the driveway....

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    Love this conversation! My mother had terrible chin hairs. When she was in the hospital with cancer, my sis and I had to pluck them almost daily or she wasn't happy....she was a beautiful woman and careful with her appearance.

    Now like you Laura, I see very little without my glasses, and my bathroom mirror doesn't help much with my glasses on! After returning from a wedding a year ago and finding a chin hair about a yard long (okay, felt like it) my sis admitted she shaves her chin.

    Nope...not going there! So a lighted 5x mirror sounds great to me too........Jole