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  1. zggygirl

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    This is a great book. It is by jay Sylvan Cohen.
    Alot of it is about dosage amounts, how to prevent side-effects. It describes all the side effects-what to take instead and how to reduce side effects by using the proper dosage.
    It should be at the library as it's been out for awhile.
    He has another one about drug overdosing.
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    We always need and appreciate new info on helpful books. Lordy, I'm keeping the local Barnes & Noble in business :)

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for the tip. I'm always looking for informative reading. Just want to mention two other books (also no doubt in your local library): The first is probably the one you mentioned by the same author 'Overdose' and the second is 'Prozac Backlash,' which convinced me I was right to stop taking SSRIs. Both are written by medical professionals and are well researched/documented. If you are concerned about medication safety, read these, they are eye openers.

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