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    Hey everyone. It has been a really tough past couple of days. I overdid it, as usual, on Monday, and I have been in overwhelming pain the past 2 days. I am waitng to get medical insurance so that I can go to some specialists, get some more tests, and an MRI on my back. My doc tried to refer me to a Neurosurgeon, but he can't see me until October!! So, I have to wait and wait. I called my doc today to demand that I be seen and/or to get on stronger pain meds. He told me to just go to the ER. As far as I know, all they are going to do for me is treat me for my pain for that visit and that's it, right? And possibly give me a referral? Is it even worth my time? I need to get on top of this pain. That's all I know. But, I need meds for longer than one day too. Any advice??

    Lots of love,
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    Hi Kathryn
    I know the feeling when you go to the ER. Ive had FIBRO for so long and back when I first got it people thought that the pain was all in my head. doctors, even the er docs thought this. I had insurance but it didnt do any good. When I would say anything about my Fibro or having pain, most people would turn thier head, even my daughter who was a rn nurse. After so many years the first thing I would ask a doc , do you beleive there is anything to fibro some would say yes.
    Kathryn I really hope you get some help with your sickness. The first doc that found that I had fibro, was a rehmotologist. He also found I had sleep apnea. At this time I already new I had Discoid Lupus.

    I never got anything for pain, just vioxx, which is nothing to me. Kathryn I hope and pray that you can find some help.
    I was reading on some of these sites of how much that has been discovered about this sickness and CFS. There doctors who can help and certain medicines that helps now.
    I hope you the best.