Making Chart for Dr. Appt.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Charleen, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. Charleen

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    There were several of us in the chat room talking of how to chart our pain, meds and etc. to take to the doctors. Well with some playing around on my lap top found that I could use Power Point to make 8 sides to be Mon. through Sun.

    Across the top I put seven squares the first was an empty one and the second was 1 med 2nd meds 3rd was pain level 4th what time I went to sleep 5th was time awake. You can use anything you would need to tell your Doctor how your month or Months went. Hope this helps it is helping me
  2. Charleen

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    Yes you are right Konrad some smart judge would think that. And yes it did take me several hours to figure out how I wanted it done and a person with out my problems could have did it in a few minutes. Don't have to worry about the disability can not get it. That "smart" judge said I looked to "Normal" and I got angry and quite and now can't try again (Long story))
    Camelia if you have windows 2000 you probably got power point go to start go up to programs and see if you don't have it. Good luck don't get upset if it takes you a while it did me and I am computer savy.
    I just really thought of this for the doctors as he has me fill out this questionaire every time I go in.
    Good Luck
  3. wildflowers2

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    I did mine with Excel and did a spread sheet.
    Listed on top the days.
    then on the side listed all the things or as I crummy I feel. and check the box everyday.

    I hand it to my Dr every month I go.I call it my laundry list of health issues.

    And make copies of EVERYTHING you have in medical records etc.
    I carry a suit case I have so many.
    I got a note book and then blank folders.punched holes
    in the folder and on the front of the folder I have the Dr'
    name address etc. and the dates I see him.

    I use a Binder to clip it to the folder so its easy to unhook for the Dr to copy.

    ( have to check out power point though)

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