MAKING heat therapy PILLOWS with RICE, FLAX, or BUCKWHEAT??????

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by victoria, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. victoria

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    Have any of you made any? I was doing some research as they are SO expensive to buy already made, and it seems like a no-brainer as all you need is enough fabric for whatever size you want, sew a liner out of muslin and then a cover that's removable for cleaning. And you can mix essential oils, like chamomile and rosemary, etc., whichever you like!

    However, I was thinking about how to get 'moist' heat, and from what I can see, the problems are:

    not sure you could mist the pillow if you use buckwheat hulls, plus there may be difficulty in being able to buy in small quantities that also don't have a lot of dust included.

    Rice, it appears, is a good alternative, but if you mist it for moist heat, it will eventually end up 'cooked'...

    Someone said flaxseed can be used and misted thru the covering and will not 'cook'. I can't believe that... but perhaps they mean it will last longer.

    Another website used specifically dried lavender only or with flaxseed and said you could mist either without it being 'cooked' either.

    One more person suggested using dried corn kernels, and said when it's heated it smelled like popcorn! I don't think you could mist it tho, either.

    Open to all suggestions... thinking these would make great presents for Christmas or any time of the year for most anybody!

    Thanks for any suggestions or first-hand experiences!


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  2. joyfully

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    I'd stay away from anything with corn. I once had a bunch of Indian Corn for a decoration in my home. These little MOTHS hatched out of the corn and got into every closet of my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have to make a moist very warm little compress for my eyes. I have a bunch of stys from the radioactive treatments.

    The opthamologist suggested putting the rice in a sock and microwaving it.

    I found a better solution is to put a mug that has about an inch of water in the microwave in the microwave at the same time as the sock filled with rice. The steam from the water makes the rice filled sock slightly moist.

    This is working great. I don't know how much you could enlarge this idea and still have it work.

    NOTE: The rice filled sock is NOT in the water, they are just in the microwave together.
  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Thanks, I didn't think the corn would be as good anyway as the other possibilities because it's larger ... and certainly don't need bugs of ANY kind hatching out LOL!

    How long have you been using the same rice, or do you change it out regularly? Just wondering if you've noticed a change over time, or anything else...


  4. joyfully

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    I think I've used the same rice for a couple months now. I had radiation therapy after my thyroid surgery. I had to start using the very warm rice sock shortly thereafter. The rice doesn't actually get WET, but there is a certain moistness to the rice filled sock. I use an old white tube sock. That rice holds heat for a long time. I just tied off the tube sock with a wide rubber band.

    yes, definitely stay away from anything with kernels of corn. i wouldn't wish that mess on my worst enemy. i can't even begin to explain how bad the problem was.

    I had to put disposable pie tins filled with moth balls in every closet in my entire house. The moths were even flying around my lit lamps at night. I had to send every garmet made of wool to the cleaners to ensure that all the eggs were killed. I had to wash every machine-washable piece of clothing in the entire house. I though I was going to lose my mind. Once a closet was totally finished, I closed the door , put an additional pan of moth balls in the closet, and totally taped around the door so no moths could reenter. it was a nightmare!

    I even put popcorn in a glass jar now. I've never had a problem with popcorn, but the word "corn" appears in that word!!!!!!!! I'm traumatized for life!!!!!!!! Ha, ha, ha.
  5. victoria

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    reminds me of the infestation of moths that I got from brown rice and some other dry goods... took me months to get rid of them. I think maybe they're the same type of moths? I'd forgotten about them because I now keep anything like that in the fridge!

    Hmmm, so perhaps even rice should be microwaved first...not sure if white rice would have them?

    Sorry you've had all those problems with your thyroid, and glad you seem to be getting better. Interesting idea to use these as compresses for things like styes, too, never thought about that possibility!

  6. GigglePoet

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    I tried to make one of these once and used the minute rice. Let me say it stunk...........oh my..he he

  7. lgp

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    but I don't use it much anymore. It's bolster shaped, sort of like a cylinder. I keep it on one of my sofas, and for some reason, it makes my cat totally insane!! If it's on the floor and he sees the pillow, he will creep slowly toward it, attack it at like one hundred miles per hour, roll around with it on the carpet, then just as fast, run away from it, zooming up the staircase!!! We just don't get it, and this just started recently. Go figure.

    BTW, when my neck was really bothering me, this pillow really helped, especially while I slept.


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  8. raven5000

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    we had seen a couple flying around the living room and were killing them..just little ones, thinking omg..don't get into the clothes. Opened the pantry cupboard one day and a couple came flying out! We started taking everything out as I had NEVER heard of moths in food before. Didn't know what could have gotten in there. had an opened, but "clipped" bag of oatmeal and when we picked it up is was FULLLL OF THE LITTLE CRITTERSSSSSSS....I went to the store doubtful I would find anything to kill them and when I found a "pantry moth trap"..I just about keeled it wasss something that happens, The list of moths that it trapped was mind boggling.. oat moths, wheat moths, cereal moths, etc etc etc...

    Just had to share!!!! lolll

    btw..the pheremone sticky moth trap worked!
  9. Asatrump

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    I have made them using both cracked corn which has a not so pleasant odor, and rice that I added whole cloves and bits of cinnamon stick. I do not think there is a way to make a moist pad of them.

    I do have by my recliner a moist heating pad. I purchased it for about $50 at a medical supply store. THERMOFORE
    is the name. My old one lasted nearly 15 years. You do not have to add anything to it to make it moist. Magic I guess?
  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I haven't heard of that brand for moist heat, will try to google it...

    Just wondering where one would find buckwheat hulls, don't see them for sale on prior search...

    --and if one could scent rice or wheat using essential oils? Rocky, interesting you soak the rice... I would think that would really soften them... and be hard to dry without getting moldy maybe?

    RE the indian meal moths - I would think that initially microwaving dry rice or anything would kill them? Really hate those things! - Nice to know those pheromones work, Raven... I've always done the 'slash & burn' method, ie, throwing everything out that was in plastic bags in the cabinets. Yuck!

    I do now refrigerate bags of rice and any other grains these days, and have never have problems with moths if I do that. Only problem is if my DH or son puts stuff away, they forget and will put it on the shelf.