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    I was at work today, doing my thing, and I realized - I'M FEELING GREAT!!!!! It's the first day in months that I've felt wonderful and pain-free! So I started thinking about FMS and how it's affected my life. I thought of all the bad things, but then I thought of the good things that have happened because of it. Yes, good things! Such as 1) I started an exercise program; 2) I eat much better and am aware of the foods I put into my body; 3) I rest more, try to pace myself and say "no" more often; 4) I take vitamins and supplements. Maybe these aren't a lot of things, but they're all important ways to keep me healthy. Things I never did before I got "sick". I know we all are in so much pain so often, but it's on good days like this that I can see the positive side of things. Do any of you feel this way too?

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    Great post, very positive to say the least. I do that all the time. When I do feel really good, I get the things done that I couldn't do when I didn't feel so good, then I am thankful that I am able to do something I want to do for a change.

    But now, I do make a point of not over exausting myself when I am feeling good, like I used to do. I appreciate my life more now than before I was afflicted with this illness.

    Today I had a sore throat, and felt lousy, so I simply took care of my dogs, got my mail in (I have to walk 300plus feet to the mailbox up my driveway), feed the wildbirds, and came back inside and got back in bed and watched tv all day.

    If this would have happened before, I would have been so angry with myself and would have stressed myself out worring about what I could be doing instead of just laying around!

    Not anymore, I enjoyed the tv, the bedrest, and now I do feel better.

    Yes, I will make lemonade if I am given lemons too!

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. Kathryn

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    When life hands you lemons, break out the tequila and the salt shaker!
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    Hi Annette2~~I enjoyed reading your post. I have kept a regular journal since I was 10 years old, but started also keeping a Gratitude Journal back about 20 years ago (I'm 53--soon to be 54 in May), and every night before I go to sleep...I write down what I am grateful in that day--even on the bad days I find SOMETHING to appreciate.

    On "Good Days" my list will be longer than on my "Bad Days", but just being given the "Gift" of another day of Life is an Awesome creation to be thankful for.

    An example of that is yesterday we had bad weather--a ground blizzard complicated by fog, black ice, and poor visibility. I drove the 13 miles to work on dangerous roads, couldn't see, and my whole body ached; my back was in knots and spasms all day; my office felt like a freezer, and by the end of the day, I was in alot of pain.

    All through the day the weather had gotten worse and driving conditions were horrendous. I longed for a nice, hot bath to nurture my tortured body, but the pipes had frozen the night before, burst, water was spewing everywhere, and we had to shut the water off, and the only plummer in the area said it would three days before he could get to us. So, as I drove home amidst a raging blizzard and knotted up muscles--I focused on the road I couldn't see and dreamed of a hot cup of tea.

    And then due to poor visibility, I almost slid right into a car wreck that must have happened somewhat earlier. I saw a woman who must have been in her late 20's, covered in freezing blood, and holding the limp, dead body of her small son. She was on her way home from work like any other any other day--but in a heartbeat her whole life was disasterously and horrendously changed.

    The ambulance and medics were there, but she would not let go of her dead child and just wandered around in a circle in shock while the blizzard grew stronger & stronger. I'm a therapist, so I stopped--the road was so slick and winds so strong that I could barely stand up. I got her in my warm car; asked the medic to give her a shot for shock, gave her a blanket that I keep in the car to wrap her son in, called her husband on my cell phone, and talked to her for a good while. Finally, she let the medics take her son, and she left in the ambulance with them to go to the hospital.

    When I got home, the blizzard was pounding snow so hard, I couldn't even see the door to my house....but I saw the blood on my car seat where the woman had held her son.

    That night I wrote alot about things to be grateful for in my Gratitude Journal--it hadn't been such a bad day after all. I know a woman who had a much worse day than I have ever had.

    Thanks for your post. It will go down in my Gratitude Journal tonite as something I appreciated. Carol...
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    Annette: Thank you for this wonderful Positve post...I said this very thing a while back on another post about making lemaonade out of lemons...sometimes the Pitcher is half tears but heck//WE made Something out of those tears..Right???

    I use to get angry too...and go on and on about how it is not fair..What did I do to deserve this DD.. Why Me????? about how I felt over and over again until I made my family sick of me and I made myself sick of hearing me too!! There was so much tension and stress because they could not fix me.

    I have been keeping a journal for the past few years and the past year it has turned into a Prayer/Graditude journal and has taken me on the most amazing spiritual journey to finding MYSELF!and GOD!!!!! It has been the most Pain and Joy I have experienced at the same time..

    Once we can get over how bad we feel...and start actually becoming in control of our own healing than LIFE just opens up!!! The more attention you give anything good or bad you will get more of.! I am NOT this DD..I have so many things to be Thankful for and when I stopped going on and on about how much pain I was in and started using some of that energy on taking Responsibility for my own own life that WOW...SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much Opened up..Life is a Wonderful Gift and as long as this girl is Alive I will be taking pleasure in even the smallest treasures like the snow falling in the early morning...the sound of my boys laughing while they play video games...The feel of my wonderful husband laying next to me in bed...The chance to teach my 16 year old how to drive..( I should add that it has also been a Mister Toads Wild Ride at

    Join me today in Celebrating Life !!!!!!! Yes, we have this DD but it will not take your LIFE unless YOU ALLOW IT TOO!!

    Peace and Rainbows
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    I wouldn't want to have had these illnesses for anything, but every coin has another side and every cloud has a silver lining. If we can find the positive things our illnesses have brought to us, it helps us to own the experience and benefit from it and not just suffer from it.

    My illnesses have forced me to stop, slow down, and re-evaluate my life. It has made me realize that living in the fast lane and having material things is not where it's at. It has given me time to read, learn, and become more spiritual. These are wonderful gifts. I have made lemon meringue pie!

    Love, Mikie
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    Carol, you are WONDERFUL! You saved that woman's sanity! I can't imagine what it must have been like for her - I almost started to cry, reading your post. What if you hadn't been there to help her? I hope she realizes what God brought you to her to help her in that horrible moment in her life! You were her angel! I have learned that personal tragedy can help to bring more compassion into our lives. God bless you!

  8. kadywill

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    and AMEN again.
  9. Katee

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    I thrive on reading these positive posts now(when I am mostly feeling pretty good) and also when I'm have a rough time with all of the pain. Everyone in Pennsylvania is complaining because of the bitter cold and I finally feel better than I have in two years. This DD has most definitely made me more aware and happy for the simple things in my life. I have so many things to be thankful for right now. I take NOTHING for granted.
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    To make lemonade you need SUGAR!!! Right?
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    i am making a "happier" life for myself, getting rid of all the stressors in my life. i might have gone along 20 more years of being in an unhappy relationship just because i was always there for everyone.

    everyone gets older, everyone will have some sort of health crisis at one point or another. will they remember how they treated me down the road. hopefully, i will be out doing something fun!

    hehe, warm regards, fibolady
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    Hi Annette i've been reflecting too, and you are soo right on. I got fibro from a car accident in Oct. 2000, and the person I used to be was always on the go worked full time have 3 children 13, 10 & 3, entertained, worked out and socialized with friends and family, since my accident I went thru physio, chiro, acupunture, nerve blocks and did not recover from chronic pain and was told I have fibro to pace myself. Now this was a long process before I could finally come to terms of the way it is now, being a type A personality you have to learn that being "in control" is impossible now. I have learned to slow down and smell the roses. I have learned to enjoy every moment with my kids when I feel moderately less pain. I have discovered so much about myself that I feel I have grown to appreciate life and the small things that are so special. And most important I have learned to like myself even with limitations!!! It's so wonderful to learn from each other, thanks to this board!!!