Making my boyfriend sick???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shell, Jul 10, 2003.

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    MY boyfriend has STEALTH genes!! He never gets sick!! My being sick for the past entire year at least once a month is starting to do him in?? I have been having bouts with everything you can think of... and lately have been semi OK but still the sore throat/lymphs... kind of like I am starting to get sick but always stays constant. My boyfriend got seriously ill the last two days... his temp got to 104.5 and we ended up in the hospital where he was diagnosed with tonsilitis. I have never seen him this ill. I know that tonsils 'catch' germs before they can enter other places and I am wondering if they are trying to catch too many germs constantly from me??? This is my theory... I feel like I am making him sick also. Anyone experience this?

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    Well, my boyfriend is 29... a little past the mono stage, but I tested very high for antibodies to mono (a reoccurance?) back in November. But he has been well since then and I have been having all kinds of things. Just thought I might of wore him down finally trying to fight off all of the infections... but I know tonsilitis can come from a variety of viruses/ his strep came back negative.