Making my dream happen, blood sweat and tears

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by satchya, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. satchya

    satchya New Member

    It's been awhile since I've updated you guys on my quest to become a kids/tweens fitness instructor.

    For those who don't know about me, I DO have fibromyalgia. Yes, it is possible to have fibromyalgia and want to be a fitness instructor, lol. And no it doesn't mean that I just must have no idea what real fibro pain is like because if I did I wouldn't be chasing my goal. Sorry if I sound defensive, I just get tired of the few on this board who insist on insisting that no one with a "life" could possibly be in a more pitiful state of pitifulness than they are. Three or four days a week I come home and curl up on the couch in fetal position and cry from the pain until the tears release enough serotonin to lift me back into feeling like I can get up and continue my day. But I figure if I'm going to be in pain anyway, then I'm going to be in pain AND do what I love.

    I remember letting you guys know that I took my AFAA primary group fitness instructor certification exam in September, but I can't remember if I let you know I passed (hello fibrofog? lol) But anyway, I did pass, and I've been spending all of this time trying to find a place to get my foot in the door, and as you know, it's a rough economy out there. But on Monday I will be assisting on a trial basis to teach a FitKids class at a YMCA here in town, and if it works out, I have been asked to go ahead and apply for the position. It will be very part time, and I will be teaching children's fitness programs, which is exactly what I want to do. I may even be allowed over the next few months to help design a fitness program for the afterschool childwatch kids.

    Please cross your fingers for me, or say a prayer (if you're spiritual that way--I would really appreciate it). This is the beginning for me, I think.

    I would also eventually like to teach classes for those with Fibro, RA etc., and other things that would allow them to work at a slower aerobic pace and do strength training with stretchy bands that is tailored to their needs.

    I don't post here much anymore because I guess I feel like I don't fit in anymore. I know there are some people with fibro who are truly disabled by this stupid disease. And I can feel mine getting worse every year. But I'm not there yet. I need to find a place to talk about how to deal with the pain of driving when you've GOT to drive daily to pick your kids up from school. Just for example. Or how to take care of your preschooler when you're having a really, really bad fatigue day and she wants to play Littlest Pet Shop and you can't keep your eyes open. It's not like I can retire and take disability from being a mother of three young children.

    And I hope you'll forgive me if this sounds judgemental because I don't mean it to be, it's just a personal observation. . .when my kids are out of school for three day weekends, or Christmas break, and I DO have time to rest a lot and be home a lot, I find that it's actually much more painful to lie down and sit down a lot than to keep moving, not to mention that while I'm easily overwhelmed by too much interaction, several days in a row without ANY outside interaction quickly spiral into depression. I know this is the opposite of what many of you on the board experience. So, again, it kind of makes me feel out of place and not sure what/when/whether to post frequently or not.

    Anyway, just wanted to send out a quick update, and thank you guys for the interesting and informative articles that so many of you take the time to post. I read all of them, and I am so grateful for them!
  2. gapsych

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    This DD effects us in different ways. Good luck on your new endeavor.

    Please don't think you are not welcome on this board. You are!!

  3. scotlandrose

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    That's what friends of mine in a band wrote on their poster i got when they did their 20 yr reunion. I used to sing in bands too. Made my "real living" or steady money as a music therapist. I do not think I could ever get the energy again (right now) to work with many classes of disabled children a week.

    I do think I cold work 4 hrs on Fri and or Sat nights in a band. That's about 4 lead songs a set, and the la la back up singing the rest of the time.

    The entertainment industry can be cruel.....knew i had to lose at least 50 lbs to fit back into band clothes, and compete with the younger cuties... done.

    Talked to my old manager about demo, pics etc.. He said get them together, keep practicing etc... I only worked in Corporate/Professional/Wedding bands. No smoky bars, hunting for gigs etc...

    Well, hope i can do it. miss singing bad. He says i will have no problem geting back into the scene, but right now, people and corporations as well are not spending tons on entertainment.

    I have not given up, don't you dare either. What did Yoda Say: Try not. Do, or do not.
  4. JLH

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    You go girl!!!!!

    It's so nice to read your post ..... such a positive attitude!

    You can do it, especially with the right attitude. A person has to figure out a way to do what he/she needs to do with all the health problems that he/she has.

    I have had many health problems all of my life. The docs think that I have had systemic lupus and fibro since I was in grade school. I am almost 59 now. During the 30+ years that I worked and raised 4 kids (3 children & 1 husband!), I also had severe arthritis, major heart problems, diabetes, major back issues, and many more health conditions.

    Like you, I had to figure a way to get through my work day and take care of my family when I got home, but many times a week (after my children became a little older), I would hit the couch the minute I got home with ice packs and/or heating pads to help with the pain in order to finish my obligations for the evening. I tell you, it certainly was not easy to work with major health problems and raise a family at the same time, but it can be done.

    I hope you continue to post here and keep us updated.

    I wish you all of the luck in the world in fulfilling your dreams. In fact, being a fitness instructor should help your fibro--to a certain degree. As long as you don't overdue the exercise!! I'm sure you will be an excellent instructor with such a positive attitude!!

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