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    hi all
    I just wanted to post on my progress .. in case it might help someone.

    I've been on transfer factor (immune care 64) and glutathione for over 2 months now, and i continue to make progress.

    Brain fog is really improving, although I still have a long way to go, as I found out when I tried to write up a report recently.

    Physically, I also feel better, altho I still have v. low blood pressure.

    I haven't filled in my profile but my backstory is as follows.

    Female, late 30s, had CFS for 10 years. Acute onset following a viral infection, and 2 ill-advised courses of antibiotics.

    Tried all the meds my clueless PCP recommended, with little to show for it.. except Lyrica, which got rid of the fatigue.. but didn't like the side effects.

    Finally in April of this year, started treating with antioxidants, Vit D, probiotics and ProBoost, and glutathione. Fatigue eased off considerably.

    In August, saw Dr Joe Brewer at St. Luke's Hsptl who recommended the Immune care, IV glutathione (but basicallly anything to raise glutathione) and antioxidants.

    Severe brain fog began to clear up. Began to feel like a normal human being.. albeit a very weak one.

    I dunno if this would work for everyone.. I think I fall in the post-infectious viral fatigue subset of CFS, so we're treating the oxidative stress, the virus and the toxin overload (glutathione being the major detoxifying agent in the body.)

    I've still got a long way to go ...and I'm still out of work.

    Still, hope this helps someone.

    Brewer says he has treated 500 people and 75 percent have responded well to this protocol.

    There is one guy on this board (wangotango) who has posted on his progress too. ..but I'd be v. interested to hear from any other Brewer patients out there who see this.

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    I'm so happy that you're seeing progress.


    Nancy B
  3. deliarose

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    if by weakness, u mean fatigue,lethargy...then yes, this treatment might help u.

    You could start slowly with antioxidants... and then try the transfer factor later.

    I found teh antioxidants alleviated the fatigue in just a couple of months, but it took transfer factor and glutathione to make a dent in the brain fog.

    FYI, My doc recommends Vit E, Vit C, bioflavonoids, a good quality Omega 3 and 6 oil, green tea extract, olive leaf extract, CoQ10, ALA,Acetly L Carnitine, Magnesium.

    I think some of these are to combat oxidative stress and some are to help brain funciont, and some have antiviral properties (like OLE).

    This of course,is assuming, that your illness is viral in origin..

    But you can figure out in pretty short order if it's worknig for u. Just do one thing at a time (antioxidants.. then TF.. then glutathione.)

    By the way, I found the TFs made me more tired for a short time. but I saw an immediate pay-off in terms of cognitive improvement.

    Good luck

    (And I"m in the Midwest....for the other poster)

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    I have had CFS for 5 years now and mine also started with a viral infection. I am glad that you are making progress! That is great news.

    I found this board a couple of months ago and have found SOOO much information that I have been overwhelmed and have had no clue where to start with new treatments etc. However the more I have been reading lately the more I think I need to start where you did...with the antioxidant/antiviral type stuff. The things you are doing sound like things I have wanted to try but didn't know which to start with. I think I may follow the order you posted.

    Thank you so much for sharing this because I really think I FINALLY know where to start.

    Take Care,
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    Thanks so much for the update and I'm so glad you are making positive progress. It should be encouraging for others.

    I wanted to tell a couple of things. I have been pulsing my TF this week. I tried the one week every 3 months routine. It was a lot harder on me than doing it for 2-3 days every 4-6 weeks. I've had a lot of pain, fatigue and anxiety. I stopped on Wed. and I feel some better now.
    The other thing is that I got my mercury test results. My levels were down considerably but not as low as I would like. I still need to do some chelation. However, my doctor questioned me carefully and we realized that I have improved quite a bit since I started chelation. The cognitive improvement was especially significant.

    I'm taking a lot of the antioxidants that you are but I'm considering adding ProBoost. I know it's expensive but I think worth a try.

    Take Care