Making Sense of CFS, Feeling Sick, and the Immune System

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Andrew111, Jul 25, 2009.

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    Since I became ill I have a flu-like feeling in my body and head all the time. I could not make sense of this, because there is no coughing or sneezing along with it. I was also confused when I read articles about having an immune deficiency, and articles about an over-active immune system. It seemed contradictory.

    Well, I just read that T Helper cells (which are part of the immune system) switch on and off. And when they are on, they are in one of two active modes. Each mode fights a different kind of attack on the body's cells. And in the case of many people with CFS, the cells are constantly turned on to fight one type of invader, while ignoring others. And the problem is the body can't switch back and forth and on and off anymore. It is also my understanding that another part of our immune system (the Natural Killer Cells) become deficient in this state. (My tests actually show this.)

    I think this might also explain why I feel like I have the flu all the time. That feeling comes from the body be revved up to fight certain types of infections, even though it is ignoring others.

    Anyway, I'm no expert. But this is what came to me recently.
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    I tihnk I understand what you are saying but how to treat or what to do.. My head feels like I have a sinus infection, no pain or cold symptoms just the balance, ear, eye problems.. Its like I have all this but not the usual symptoms. No fever, but yet I feel like I have a miserable case of the flu with sinus issues..

    Not sure I am making any sense as I can't seem to describe how I feel..

    Good point,
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    I have trouble describing the head thing. I know I feel pressure around my nose and forehead. When I try to look at things I get this odd feeling like I can't focus my attention. I have to try extra hard. I also feel something in my thinking and concentration, like I have to try extra hard. All of these symptoms remind me of having a cold or a flu. But I have no coughing or sneezing. I do get intermittent sore throats, but they don't progress the way I'm familiar with. They come and go very quickly. I also get a body ache (mostly in legs), spaced out feeling, exhaustion, etc. like the flu. But I can't push through them like I did with the flu. The other odd thing is most symptoms change quickly as I change my body position (sitting, standing, etc).

    As for immune help, there are lots of products that claim to help the immune system. I wonder how many of them have been tested, or what percent of users they actually helped. I see claims about "research shows," but they don't cite the research. But things I've heard about are transfer factor, reishi, and brm4. You can also check the store here in their immune category.

    The next time I speak to my doctor I'm going to try to pin him down about what parts of my immune system he tested, and what it all means. I'm also trying to read up about this to discuss it with him better. I wish I knew of a good summary some place.
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    Yes, I can relate to what you are describing as to how you feel as I feel the same.. Do you have problems with lights, noise or vision? Especially in the grocery store and walmart is the pits..When I go to the doc he says sinus infection...I have no fever, clear mucus so I doubt his dx I do think this is all CFS related.. Do you have anxiety/depression?

    Keep in touch I would like to hear your doctor's input, mine just tells me to stay away from sugar to build my immune system..


  5. Andrew111

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    hi jam,

    I'll look into the supplements you suggested. Did you happen to have your immune systems tested before you started this treatment? Was it ever lower than it is now?
  6. Andrew111

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    I think I am having trouble with sunlight. When I go out on a nice sunny day, it no longer feels good to me. And I can't really describe what it feels like. Sort of like a closed in feeling in my head. My caregiver suggested it might be a reaction to the light.

    With the sinus stuff, my mri shows effusion on one side in my mastoid and sinus area. The ENT doc tried treating this with antibiotics, but no change. I went to a second ENT who took a culture of the mucus in my sinus cavity, and it showed no problems.

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