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    I often see a lot of questions to peers about diet and nutrition as it relates to children. I'm not a medical professional, but I do believe that getting a professional medical opinion from your family doctor is beneficial before deciding whether your children should be gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. Your family doctor can give you the best advice on a subject like this, especially since they might have information about your family history.

    There is also a lot of controversy in the diet & nutritional community about the different diet plans and pills. So much excitement builds whenever the newest diet method hits the market, that just about everyone looking for some quick weight loss will buy the product and not even look at the label.This is a problem, as I've asked a doctor before about one of these products, just to be told that it had harmful ingredients in it, and it shouldn't be consumed. It's very important that you ask your family doctor if you are considering a diet pill or other diet method, as it may not be right for you. If you need to find a family doctor, many health centers have online directories of their doctoral staff. My local health center is the Lone Star Family Health Center which has on online physicians directory for learning about their family doctors in Conroe, Texas. The directory includes info like a photo, medical field, and a biography about each doctor. I find this very helpful. If your local center doesn't publish this information on their website, try calling them. They should at least be able to send you a list of their available doctors.
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    I can understand your comments, but I don't think MOST conventional MD's or even integrative MD's which is the type I see really takes time to discuss nutrition. They push patients in and out faster than ever.

    On the dairy issue, it can be a big culprit to many gastro issues...My grandgirl who is 17 and was eating yogurt and berries just about every morning, and have nasty bloating and gas issues, found thru info online and talking to others about the dairy issue. She is off dairy now for about a week and her issues are gone.

    There are popular known allergans: wheat, dairy and I think these are causing many health issues.....I'm off MOST wheat, I slip now and then but do gluten free crackers when I want to buy crackers, gluten free pretzels when I want a pretzel fix and have been off most dairy for some cheese now and then, hard goat cheese is my favorite and best digestion.