malabsorption of vitamins

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  1. mzaun14

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    I have had two tests to check my absorption of vitamins and minerals.One was done in July 2005.
    My nutritionist put me on a lot of supplements. I had the second test done about a month ago. I was told this week by the nutritionist that the new test was worst than the one I had a year ago. I am at a lost of what to do. I hate taking all of those pills besides I am spending so much money. I have IBS and was wondering if anyone has taken vitamin injections and where can you buy them.
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    I saw this yesterday and was hoping someone would answer because I was curious too.

    I'm sure there is even an OTC supplement you can take to increase your ability to absorb vitamins. Maybe probitics? I don't know, but hopefully this bump will attract some attention.

    Good luck,

  3. Catseye

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    What are you eating and what are you avoiding in your diet?
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    Hi Michelle (Michele?),

    I get a vitamin/mineral drip/IV/infusion tailored to my deficiencies on a weekly basis which really helps as I also have IBS and GERD along with everything else.

    I used to inject myself with some vitamins as well, but I triggered bursitis in both of my shoulders. lol I'm laughing not because it's funny, but rather, because it's so typical and ironic for me. I have too many tender and trigger points in my thighs and behind/bum area.

    I'd ask your doctor to give you a vitamin drip or at least injections though the vitamin drips can give you a higher dose in one "shot." :) Drips are not cheap, so make sure your doctor takes your insurance.

    Hope you start getting the nutrients you need soon!

    LB32 (Leeza)
  5. elliespad

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    maybe taking a sublingual or IV infusion would get around the problem them.
  6. TerryS

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    Check out "leaky gut". I think I most likely have it...I'm deficient in several vitamins of which I take supplements...doesn't do me any good.

  7. mzaun14

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    I have been out of town and have just returned. Thanks for everyone who wrote with suggestions. I take 10 billion probotics daily. I went on a glutten-free diet plus elimination of other problem causing foods for about six months. It didn't do a thing for me. Now I just try to eat a healthy diet-no deserts and drink soy milk. I get vitamin B 12 injections once a week and even the absorption of that has lessened.
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    I used to drink soy milk when I realized I couldn't tolerate dairy. It took me a long time to realize I couldn't tolerate soy, either. Too bad, it's really yummy.

    I've read too many bad things about soy milk, like the phytoestrogens may be able to mimic the effects of estrogen, possible increase of risk of breast cancer, thyroid disorders, too many bad things.

    If that's the problem you won't really know unless you stop drinking it. But it could certainly cause the malabsorption problem. Try rice or almond milk. You can make them yourself, there are recipes all over the net. When I found out it wasn't the great thing it was made out to be, I was really unhappy. The soy milk was one of the few things I could eat that I enjoyed.

    From what I can tell, soy is only healthy if it's in a fermented form like tofu which I think is only edible in a very tasty chinese dish. If you want a good quality protein, try whey protein. You can get ones that are almost totally lactose and casein free and won't bother you, that's what I use. There's all kinds of tasty shake mixes. Whey protein in rice milk will get you over the missing soy, I guarantee it!

  9. mbofov

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    People with CFIDS are notoriously low in hydrochloric acid. Since taking digestive enzymes with hydrochloric acid, my digestion has improved enormously. Taking this also helped my gallbladder.

  10. pattieland

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    I am reading what is said about digestive enzymes - I was in health food store yesterday but confused about what kind of digestive enzymes to get to help with IBS. I only take probiotics currently. Had chronic diarrhea for 2 mos. since starting supplements from FFC-Dallas. Have been off everything since then. My blood platelet counts shot up, spleen enlarged & kidney stones diagnosed after ultrasound. I get 3rd CBC on Monday (12/4) to ck blood platelet count which is going down but not by much.
    My IBS kicked up like never before (usu. constip/now diarrhea) 2 weeks into all those supplements ($600 worth!) that I am scared to take now - this has been a new experience never had before in 7 yrs of FM/IBS etc.
    Interesting in more discussion of digest. enzymes. I have had diet of lots of long grain brown rice, steel cut oats, yogurt, all organic. Even juices are causing diarrheal attacks.

    Have not been able to return to FFC - I was violently ill after 1st initial visit & 1 vitamin & mineral IV; lots of $ spent and they won't see me again until I have re-started supplements and of course with the last 2 months of "digestive hell", I am scared to take anything.

    Interested in any help. thanks.
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    pattieland, change your diet even more. When I got ill, all of a sudden I could not tolerate any dairy or gluten and I had no idea until I went to a chiropractor and he gave me a pamphlet on cfs which said to watch out for food intolerance. I gave up wheat and dairy and stopped hurting after eating. I had been doing all these things organic, too, it didn't matter. Even yogurt I can't eat.

    Give up all dairy, sweets and anything with wheat and avoid oats, too, as they have gluten. Maybe when you get better you can add them back and see if you can tolerate them well. But for now, it sounds like you may have simple food intolerance. And watch out for the other "allergen" foods like soy, peanuts, corn and eggs.

    But for right now, give up wheat, oats and dairy. Then get a good enzyme formula that has, for example, pancreatin, amylase, protease and lipase. But after about 2 months, lay off the pancreatin as it can make your pancreas "lazy" about producing it. Then just get one with the other 3. Use these with every meal and when you eat meat, use betaine hcl (stomach acid) pills. This should solve your problem. And don't forget to eat lots of vegetables! If you hate them, like me, boil them in chicken broth first. good luck, karen
  12. mzaun14

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    I really appreciate all of the responses. When I was on the glutten-free diet I ate just veggies and fruit for six months with all of my supplements and I did not improve at all. So I started adding foods gradually. I didn't notice a change.
    Thanks ,
  13. Jimbei

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    If anyone has experienced some benefit with probiotics then it may be worth increasing the dosage. I find standard probiotics (approx. 4 billion bacteria/dose) useless for IBS, only when I take a high dose form (400 billion per dose, eg. VSL #3) does my IBS calm down. Successful use of probiotics to the strength of trillions has been documented.