Malic Acid/MSM/Fish oils

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SallyMSO, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. SallyMSO

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    When I first found out that I had fibromyalgia, I had all the things that went with it and terrible Migraine headaches. I was told to take Malic Acid, which is just fruit acid from apples, and MSM, which I take as Triflex with glucosomine chondroiton, and the fish oil/Cod Liver Oil. That is when my symptoms all improved. My sleep has been a problem until I increased my fish/Cod Liver oil (1,000) to eight a day and then it improved dramatically. I also take calcium/magnisium/zinc. I get massages and stretch every day in a hot bath, which also help. I went to a lecture by Dr. Charles Lapp, and he confirmed the Malic Acid and MSM. I only started the increase in fish oil four weeks ago and can not believe how well I sleep now. I also do fitness, Yoga, and linedance 5-6 times a week. I am retired from teaching and increased activity little by little. (When I first found out I had fibromyalgia I thought I had the flu or a virus all the time and was teaching on 2-3 hours of sleep a night, coming home unable to get something to eat.. and sometimes couldn't get up or walk to bed. I had all the issues listed with fibromyalgia. When I started taking the Malic Acid, MSM, and fish oil, I improved so much. What a difference. After retiring I began exercising and the more I do it, the better I feel. Now after increasing fish oil for a month, my sleep improved dramatically.
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    I took Malic Acid years ago. I think it may have helped with my muscles, but there's some reason I stopped taking it, can't remember.

    I'm allergic to glucosomine and alot of the fish oils. They all make me much worse.

    Calcium and Magnesium I have everyday. The Magnesium stops the muscle twitches mostly.

    Vitamin D helps me alot when I take it. It's about the only thing has ever really helped.

    We're all different. It sounds like you found what works for you. I used to get those headaches, they were so bad, it was like someone cracked my head on the pavement. I only got them in the early years being sick. Now, I just get an occasional migraine, but not like that.
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    I have to take the Malic Acid with meals, as it can upset your stomach. I also take Calcium/Magnisium/Zinc three times a day. Magnesium does make a difference. How does the Vit. D help you? I take it... because it is good for my bones, fights cancer, and strengthens immunity. I had not had a headache in 10 years, but got a terrible migraine after I had surgery... my body's response, I guess, but it was just one day. After surgery, my fibromyalgia and sleep temporarily got worse, but is now better, again.
  4. SallyMSO

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    Magnesium is essential for many reasons. I have heard about the Strontium and have some from Garden of Life, which is my Vitamin brand. I had surgery, so held off to take it. Has it helped you?

    I take mostly fish oil, as the Cod Liver Oil has so much Vit. A.
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    Hey i was going to post about some of this, maybe can get it answered in this thread.
    I like magnesium and msm, iffy on the fish oils
    discovered today that taking quality calcium at beg. of day may help energy, i like to take cal dif time of day than mag or malic acid, thts better for bed time.

    but what i am wondering about, i seem to react badly to sulphates but dont think i have noticed anything bad with msm, the lotion seems to help with neck pain a bit, does anyone know if msm is related to sulphates/sulfites or sulfur? for some reason i think i can tolerate msm but not sulfites and ates. i used to know the answer to this but oops, i did it again, i fergot!

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