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  1. Smerge

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    I have emailed ProHealth 3 times asking about their malic acid product, #P224 and have never heard a response. I last ordered it in January and cannot find it anywhere on their site or catalog. I prefer to take single ingredient products since I have so many goofy reactions to medications. If it is no longer available from ProHealth, does anybody know where to buy it?
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  2. gapsych

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    I do not know anything about the ProHealth malic acid product, however I do want to welcome you to the board.

    This is a bump!!

  3. hensue

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    I will say if I had to go without all the supplements I take. I cannot stop this one. It makes such a difference in your life. I do not sell it. I make no money off endorsing it. I have a lot of people that use this kind but i have tried others from other companies that did not work. It is call
    fibrocare you get it from a company that you can get off web. To your health only. I also take there multi gold vitamin. They offer a lot of things they are only for fibromyalgia. These are the only two supplements I take from them. They will explain the product to you. I have taken it for 10 years faithfully. It does not cure you it just helps pain and energy for most people.
    Try this one. Do not fool around with others at health food stores and waste your money.
    Let me know if you like it. they might even have a money back thing. I cannot remember

  4. Smerge

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    Thank you so much for the information. I also have taken it for about ten years and will not give up the malic acid. And I didn't know where to turn for another reputable seller. I cannot believe ProHealth is no longer carrying this product.

    I just tried looking up the To Your Health Only website and am not finding it. Could possibly post a link?
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  5. Smerge

    Smerge New Member

    Thank you for the welcome!
  6. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I had a very hard time finding malic acid alone.'
    I finally did through swansons. (oline)
    although I still take magnesium along with it.
  7. nvidia64

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    Isn't this why people take 1-2 tsp of braggs organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every day?
  8. hensue

    hensue New Member

    They will send a 2008 catalog. It is like a magazine. They also have a toll free number 1-800-801-1406.
    It will tell you the number one supplement for fibro is fibro-care. It tells you what is in each product. They have been in business for 14 years. I am looking at a new catalog is says whats new vitamin D3 1000 IU. I dont even know yet what that is or if it helps.
    As i look at the catalog it is not just for fibromyalgia.
    It for FMS, ME/CFS. They have a 90 day guarantee. They have a lot of helpful items for gut. I take that back I do take flaxseed oil. Let me know if it helps and talk to them. Some people answer the phone sometime do not know everything. You can ask for people that do know. They will tell you everthing there is to know

    that is what my son says in Army in Afghanistan
  9. hensue

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    He is an author of Up Close and Personal. He gives a lot of insight. When you read the catalog. Never have bought his book. Tired of reading a book about it.
    Says he was named in best Doctors in America
    Clinician who's cared for more than 15,000 FMS patients.
    Anyway I do know this is the only Malic Acid he will use.
    It is probably on line also the ingredients
    1-800-801-1406 that is Arizona time.
  10. Debra49659

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    i just heard in a FM support meeting about Malic acid, they said that a dose of 150mg to 300mg?? helped with the pain. hensue and smerge do you find that dosage a correct dosage and can you take malic acid along with medication prescribed by my doctor...thanks for the help.

  11. Smerge

    Smerge New Member


    I take 1000-1200mg daily. I find that it cuts the symptoms by 50% and duration of a flare by 70%.
  12. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    I take 1200mg Malic Acid (two capsules) with 600mg of Magnesium.

    It should be taken in a 2:1 ratio with magnesium.

    I love it, can't live without it.


    I get mine from Swansons. I am happy with the quality and the price.

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  13. hensue

    hensue New Member

    take two tablets 3 times daily. I usually take 2 in morning and 2 at night. If i hurt i add the other 2 during lunch time. You can take it with any meds. I take Wellbutron sr 150 mg twice a day once in morning an one abut 2pm. Ulram 50 mg in morning and blood pressure pill.
    At night I take klonopin to sleep my dr also says that is a good drug to offset a seizure if you were to have one from Wellburtin. I also take 5mg valuim. Oseto and nerve support. I get that at health food store. Two fibro care at night two multi gold vitamins.
    this fibro care has600 mg of malic acid 2 tablets, also vit c asorbate fibro c 100 mg'vit b1 thiamin Hydrochloride.
    vit b6 pyloxine Hydrochloride.both of the bs are 50 mg.magnesuim glycinate chelate100 mg. maganese 5mg.
    all those words beside each vitamin are in parenthesis.
  14. dinda

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    I take Fibro Malic it is by Trask Nutraceuticals. I got it a health food store. It has malic acid, magnesium, msm and olive leaf extract. It was only $19.95. I recently stopped taking it because I got lazy and I can tell that I have quit taking it. Going to start back this week.