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    Hello friends,
    I posted on the CFS board about my trip to ER due to dehydration, but lack the energy to repost it here.

    But I'm just curious about something. The dr said I was severely dehydrated and had way too few meal(though I am not underweight). I don't know how I could have gotten dehydrated because I do drink water at less than normal. I am not active due to this dd so I don't sweat. I do have diareah, but again, no worse than usual. I drink 3 cps of coffee daily and eat fairly well for an inactive person....cereal or toast for breakfast, maybe fruit for lunch or slim fast, and usually a boiled potato and 2 boiled eggs with mayo for dinner. Sometimes though it is just slim fast for dinner if I have an actual lunch. Any way, how in the world could I have gotten dehydrated to the point of needing IV fluids? The doctor also said that I had ketones due to way too few meals. So what's up with this?
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    Logically, I know all what you said is true. I just can't figure out why this happened so suddenly since I've hardly ever drank much water and have almost always had loose bowels to some degree. I just would have thought that if this was the cause, it would have happened a long time years ago!

    Any way, I am gonna try to eat a little better with all the advice I've been given here and on the other board. Thanks again. This is just too weird.
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    I've had IBS my whole life, often having loose stools several times a day. I've been drinking 2-3 cups of coffe a day for 30 years. I eat well - 3 meals a day, no snacking, and rarely eat junk. I was drinking water with lunch and dinner, and usually had another 16oz or so during the day.

    Two years ago I was on my way to Aruba and passed out at Logan Airport - a trip to Mass General determined that I was very dehydrated (I spent the day hooked up to IV). I also wondered how I could get dehydrated. So I researched it - apparently the average person should be drinking a minimum of 64oz of water daily - and should have much more. So, the coffee (diuretic) combined with lack of water, will do it every time!

    One sign of dehydration is dark colored urine. I had noticed this but had no idea what it meant so I ignored it. I was also feeling worse than usual, but chalked it up to pain from packing and getting ready for trip.
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    This does not mean that you are not eating it means that you are not eating the right things. You need a variety of foods and vitamins to keep your body nourished. Also certain fruits work on the intestional tract and cause bowel movements. You're diet is definitely not healthy. Godbless
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    I agree it's the coffee and you're eating badly. Sorry! There's really no nice way to say it! I would suggest eggs for breakfast, even steak and eggs, and no more slim fast or excess coffee. And you HAVE to eat some veggies. Cereal and potatoes are no different than eating a bunch of sugar. Grains and potatoes turn to sugar in your body as soon as you eat them. Cereal is munchy, comfort food, nothing more. Even the so-called healthy ones are crap. Grains = sugar.

    I was never a coffee drinker much, but a few years ago after I first got cfs, once I drank 1/2 cup of coffee and it set me off and I peed every hour night and day for 2 weeks. I think the digestive system is bad in us and this stresses the liver and kidneys so any diuretics (caffeine, coconut water, antihistamines) are going to aggravate the dehydration.

    The 3 amino acids responsible for cell hydration should help with the dehydration: glutamine, creatine and taurine.

    good luck

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    All of you make so much sense! I guess I'll have to see a nutritionist or something so I can eat healthier without gaining weight. I really would like to lose about 10-15 lbs but find that very difficult without the exercise to go along with with food. I REALLY thought I was doing ok. But I just can't see still how the coffee caused the dehydration since for alomost all of my adult life, I've had 3 cps daily.

    But I may start feeling a bit better with the correct nutrition. Slim Fast isn't ok? It has lots of nutrients and keeps me full for a long time.

    Any way, I knew I could count on you guys to put me on the straight and narrow! Thank you all. I have to figure out how to eat correctly (and drink water) without gaining weight. I'm afraid I may be getting back into my anorexia years again as I am becomming more obsessed now with weight issues and am taking advantage of my dd to limit meals. I thought I was doing good.....too tired to cook AND loseing weight! What's not to like...except going to ER due to this. Oh well.....
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    Well, slim fast is mostly milk and sugar, both bad for CFS. Come on, something that tastes that good is obviously bad!
    If you want a protein shake or something, go for raw hemp protein shakes or ones that don't have much sugar. "Slim fast" is just marketing aka lying.

    And the coffee is only having the diuretic effect on you now because you have CFS, too. Your digestive system is messed up and the kidneys are overworked. A nice, healthy person may be able to handle slim fast and lots of coffee. Unfortunately, that ain't us!


    remember, also, that carbs are fattening and that fat and protein are not, have roasted veggies with butter on them - not fattening![This Message was Edited on 04/26/2008]
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    I have a kid who's anorexic. I know that you know better than to think your diet is ok. Anorexics are experts on nutrition. I think it's great that you've busted yourself regarding how you are letting your illness feed your ED. It must be pretty scary to have to deal with both conditions. Please don't let the ED get a foothold (you're ketonic, it probably already has) please reach out to the ED community for help.

    There is a statistically significant link between the two ailments. I am very afraid for my child. She's not doing too well just dealing with the ED. I don't know how she would survive both.

    Also, 3 cups of coffee a day would loosen the bowels of a statue. But, lots of coffee is pretty standard with an ED. So is a small list of "safe" foods. I'm sure you also know that almost all the foods you list are terrible in regard to insulin and you're diabetic too, yeah?

    Please be strictly honest with yourself regarding your ED. As you know, it's a slippery slope. CFS is unlikely to take you life. Untreated anorexia will.

    I really think you know what's up with this. Please tell someone who can help you.


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    You poor dear, I am so sorry to hear that about your daughter. I know how hard that must be on you. When I was living those days, I had no idea what my own mother was going through. I know now that that the frustration and fear was rampent in her mind and that she must have felt so helpless! How terrible that must have been for her and is for you!

    I guess what I'm suprised at is that during those years, I was eating WAY less....most days I would eat nothing....and never went malnourished or dehydrated for whatever reason. I am eating daily (though not well)and drinking more water than ever (thought apparently still not enough) and end up in ER. I guess it is the combo of CFS and poor diet now that makes the difference as you stated.

    Oh yeah, I don't think I've slid so far down that I require help at this point. But thank you for the suggestion :)

    When I was anorexic, I knew nothing about nutrition. All I knew then was that if I don't eat for a long enough period, then I wouldn't gain weight and in time will lose it. My blood sugars are running rampant...but never over 230. But I bolus for each and every carb I consume, but that for some reason is no longer working too well. My diabetes has always been in great control until now.

    Any way, thank you for that bit of "tough love" here and opening my eyes.
  10. Rafiki

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    Thanks much for your understanding. Yes, it's scary. She's old enough and insightful enough (after lots of therapy) to know how hard this is on everyone. Of course, that just makes it tougher on her. As is so often the case, she is a lovely, sensitive and caring girl.

    I'm really happy to hear that you have things under control and that you are on top of your current situation. I know how hard it is to stay on top of nutrition when one has no strength but it is so important.

    Re dehydration and ME/CFS, before I read that you had an ED history, I was going to mention that my electrolytes get dangerously out of balance very quickly since I got ME. I don't know what this is about but it may be similar to what you are experiencing. I always have a bottle of water by the couch and I drink it all day long. One bout of bowel upset can knock me out - literally unconscious.

    I hope you feel better. Thank you again,for your understanding and patient reading of my concerned post. I'm sure you will take good care of yourself.

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    Rule of thumb for calculating daily water consumption.

    Take you weight in pounds and divide it by 2.

    Take that number and substitue the word "ounces" for the word "pounds". THAT is the amount of water you should be consuming daily for the average person.

    This takes into account your body's mass.

    Things that will make the formula require adjusting.

    Heavy activity in a sport.

    working in a hot climate.

    So if you weigh 150 pounds. It would be 150 pounds divided by 2 = 75 pounds.

    Replace the word "pounds" with the word "ounces" and Voila! You know how much water you should drink daily.

    75 pound (substitute the word "ounces") = 75 ounces of water for an individual who weights 150 pounds.

    Sorry people in Canada. I don't know if this works out the same using the Metric system.

    I actually have a plastic water pitcher that I measure out my daily water in it. No kidding. People need to drink more water than they realize. This is even more important if you are taking medications. Either your liver or your kidneys have to filter all of those spent-chemicals out of your body's system.