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    please reply to xphile on a recent post about cipro. I don't think he realizes he is having the beginnings of an adverse reaction to cipro and he is getting advice from some that his symptoms could be a good sign of herxing.

    Please relpy to him regarding your experiences with a fluoroquinolone antibiotic.

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    Going right now dear, I think I recall this post and those that were answering, seemed 'safer' to stay away but I hear you and will see if I can help...
    It was not the post I thought it was and so glad you sought me out...I thank you...This is why I feel we lived through this, because WE WOULD HELP OTHERS AVOID THE SAME FATE...Dontcha wish others that came before us weren't so selfish? Or deceased? Not funny really, but likely true!
    DONE!!! I forgot he also has goodness...there were other abx his doc could have ordered esp. with all of his issues...
    I will also go back and have him search previous posts about us, I am sure I wrote some much left out details in other posts that could be helpful...Now if only my brain will guide me...we shall see...thanks again for letting me know about Adam...I hope he is ok...I am asking my Angels as I write this to keep him from harm...Peace![This Message was Edited on 06/17/2008]