Mama R you gave me goose bumps with your message

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    in reply to my son, Andrew. That you would think of the name Asa, and would pray for me. It touches me so that tears are running down my face, that a person I can never contact thinks my name and that perhaps I need prayer even though I have not asked.

    Special blessings for you also.

    Mentally I have trouble remembering names and associating them with the problem. I assume God understands my strange form of prayer. Like, please pray for the woman who evidently has not found her uncle, for the family where the son had eye surgery, and others.

    I am fully retired now and have more time. My mind often wanders to you all. I think do they have help? Do they need money? Do they need advice? I have to settle for a few words on a computer. So often all of you touch my heart and I feel how do they function at all with so much on their plate???

    Then I realize that we all have those times. Praise God we are not all down at the same time.

    I give thanks that I am so much better than a year ago. Both emotionally and physically.

    We all have emotional scars and Mama R, thank you for realizing that.

    Sunday I will be married 40 years. Is it ideal? No. I have emotional scars from him and his family as well as my family. But things are going OK now. The mama's boy no longer has mamma these past four years. Being number two in your husbands life is hard.

    Mama R you have vision that of course I have pains from my past. Each one of us could write a full length novel and be shocked.

    In my case just know that the little girl who was dressed in fine clothes and had all the new things that money could buy suffered a very bad childhood and life. You can't tell a person's hurts by looking at the package.

    Many years ago, probably 15 I was in line at K Mart. In front of me was a couple probably close to 30. Both physically looked dirty and messy, greasy hair and missing teeth. But God gave the opportunity to see past that. I saw the male look at the female, a look of pure love for the fat, unkempt woman, and she reached for his hand and looked at him the same. God helped touch my soul that day.

    Lord I ask for blessings for each person who reads this. May we continue to touch each others hearts and souls.
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    Thanks for sharing that, i too have been amazed that people i have never met, can care about me, and me them.
    And they can touch my heart.

    It's Amazing! I think that is one thing pain, and suffering may do for us, works compassion in our hearts for others. We become more sensitive to others pains, and needs.
    We understand better. It's just a hard lesson to bear.
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    I have been gone from the board for a few days...but still praying for you and all the other needs.
    I thank God for you dear friends.
    We need each other... and God helps us to feel the need to pray for certain ones sometimes. I was feeling that for you.

    I can't read alot tonight.. so hope that you all will know that I care and I am praying!

    I have so much on my plate right now. I will try to make it back soon and fill you all in! Pray for me. I have a extra hard weekend coming up and so much preparation before then.

    God bless you dear Asa and friends.

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    I love you too...remember that!
    I may be gone from the board...but you all are on my mind and in my prayers!