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    I requested this test for years and all my docs said it was not necessary, they somehow weasled their way out of testing me for it...My new PCP was asked not once, but twice and then I said at our last visit, "You will order these tests for me TODAY" and I gave him the list...

    I specified D 25 hydroxy which is the sum of D3 AND D2, the better one to have done...He also ordered the other which has not come back...

    Are you all ready for the result?

    Reference range is 30-80...

    Mine is 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is then defined as INSUFFICIENCY, not deficient...

    I am not surprised at these results, we have discussed the 'link' on here for a long time...

    I had been supplementing with D3 (Now brand) for many months last year to avoid damage from prednisone and another drug I was on known to cause bone issues and due to the bone pain it was clear what was happening...I had then backed off because some of my docs said my supplements were likely causing the rectal bleeding I seem to be cursed with.

    My INR is also too low and I must deal with that right away...I have had blood clots (dvt's) and would like to avoid them in the future...

    Off I go to my cabinet of supps to determine what will be going down my throat next...

    PS. I called for my lab results and were told that the receptionist was told by the doc to 'file' them meaning they were all OK...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Can you say NITWIT!
    Where do we get these doctors from anyway?

    I am learning so much in the past 2 years about what NOT TO DO that I have concluded that MD's are no longer on my list to waste my time, or money on...Geez, when will this madness end? Now that I got the results of all the tests I wanted, I am done with them...Now to concentrate on getting well...

  2. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    Just found a site that discussed in great length the benefits and risks of low and high levels of D...I found it quite interesting...I have read these sites before but never noticed the connection of low D and IBD (crohn's and colitis) I also found that there is a genetic susceptibility which is what my Dad warned me about...For some reason we are unable to absorb D...That wreaks havoc in all different directions, including his severe RA and likely my Crohn's colitis and FMS/CF...

    What a day of knowledge for me...Again, I have known all of this but it is nice to confirm the low levels and then read up on it and realize we were right all along...

    Mark my words, if I supplement with Vitamin D and the rectal bleeding subsides or disappears soon thereafter, I will be out head-hunting the following day...Anyone for a bonfire? Serving doctors head on a stick...tehe
  3. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    How do we get this into our systems?

    When you say "can't absorb..." do you mean even iif we take a pill we won't get it? if we hapen to be one of these type do we get Vitamin D in our systems?
  4. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member


    You had rectal bleeding and now do not??? Due to the D??? Seems to be from what I read...MY GIs always poopooed this connection...good thing we are smarter than the average bear and don't take their words for it, huh...

    I saw the thyroid connection on that site as well and thought how many people are being convinced by their docs that they need meds for thyroid conditions due to tiredness and such...All of my docs always told me they were sure I had thyroid problems...I have been tested 5 times because each new one I saw swore that the previous testes were wrong and they were right...NOT!!!

    I am so psyched that the link for all that ails ME is likely D deficiency and my Daddy knew it all along...To think all he suffered because he learned too late...Hey, I am just like my Dad...I needed the smack upside the head and the PROOF in writing...The D level, the malabsorption issues, the fibro, the fatigue and so on and so on...I have always know of the links between D and RA and MS but this is the first I read with the connection for Crohn's and colitis...

    It is a great day today!!!

    Perhaps I should celebrate with a nice piece of sockeye salmon? Highest level of D (mercury too but who's counting)

    Have a great day everyone~MamaDove
  5. MamaDove

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    I am thinking the same as I just had the CDSA test done which concluded I have a 'fat malabsorption' issue...Not sure if this is DUE to the Crohn's or the CAUSE of the Crohn's...I will have to research this more...

    It seems as tho common sense would tell us if we are having a malabsorption issue and we supplement higher than most because of the susceptibility (in my case genetic) than our levels would likely rise to an acceptable level at some point...

    This is such a 'find' for me and I have known all the while that D played a major role in this, now to keep on looking to find more answers...

    They never said it would be easy :) This is the beginning of my investigating the 'D' connection and the fluroide toxicity too due to the new black box warning on the quinolones...We finally got somewhere on that one JB...The warning will likely help others avoid what we are going through...Something good is coming from all this and since I came on board here I have been outspoken as to the fact that WE will find the cures for ourselves by helping eachother...It seems all too natural to me not to be true.

    I will delve further into this malabsorption issue and post when I find something concrete...Keep checking back...

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    Hi all,

    I also have low Vitamin D levels. My levels are 15 on a reference range of 23-113. My Dr prescribed D3 5000iu daily, and I couldn't get out of bed while I was on it. I found out I was intolerant to the Vitamin D. I know I need to get the vitamin D, but unsure how to absorb it. I was wondering if anybody had success or tried to take Vitamin D sublingually?

    I agree most Drs are very narrow minded. I am seeing a nutritionist who does Electrodermal Screening who is most helpful. I am going to see her soon and get her opinion
  7. Granniluvsu

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    So glad you got those Vit D levels checked, that is great but to bad you had to fight for them. That is ridiculous.

    Let us know about the rectal bleeding if it stops when you up your D. That is very interesting. I do not have rectal bleeding which is almost surprising since I have a problem with constipation, which I have had ALL my life.

    Keep us a breast of how you do. Yes, you have my permission (like you needed it) to bop your doc over the head a few times.

    Hugs and blessings,


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    If you can't tolerate oral Vit. D supplements, you should still be able to trigger it's production with sun exposure. A very general suggestion is to sit outside in a bathing suit (or shorts and tank top) for as long as you can without any hint of burning. Sometimes sunburn doesn't really show up for a few hours afterwards, so be careful. Even starting with 15 minutes would help. Just don't get heatstroke! I know it's too hot most of the day for me to sit out even 5 minutes right now, although early morning I could probably handle.
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    when mine came back like 22 (after I had been supplementing for 2 years) she said it was within normal---this is the person my ins. pays for and where I go for the routine stuff. Fortunately I also have another person in town I go to who is open to alternative medicine and she told me that was low and to supplement even more. The other doc always discounts any lab thats sort of iffy, doesnt like to consider that maybe any of it could tie into my pain and fatigue, but she will throw around the term "fibromyalgia" and says most of her clients with that respond to ssris so she doesnt know what to offer me since I can't take them. what a crock.
    anyway, it would be nice if what passes as mainstream "healthcare" really was.
    I still think you should consider what role not having a g.b. plays into absorption issues etc Do you have your appendix?
    My main probs came on after the gb surgery, part of it was the trauma of the surgery and part of it was taking away some of my valuable parts :)

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