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    Yes, I am feeling better today. The morphine and the rest did it. I didn't see your message to me, so did one to you.

    Re: stock trading.
    They have free seminars all over the country about how to make money in the stock market. I went to one but did not buy their books (which was what they wanted).

    I joined Fidelity and have instant access to my account, the market, any listing I want, the exact amount and whether it is headed up or down.

    I also study the market. You've got to determine from what you hear from tv, radio, Wall Street Journal on what to buy or sell.

    For about $8 a trade I can make as many in a day as I want.

    You know, it's a good way to make some money that SSA can not penalize you for. Somedays you lose and some days you win, but the important thing is to be ahead at the end of the week. Never take a one day loss as something to be upset about. You can surely make it up the next day.

    Yes: it is like a full time job, but you can do it from the convience of your own home. Research what companies you want to do the trades for you. With the click of a button you can immediately make a trade and do not have to go through a middleman, although you are doing it through a company like Fidelity. They have good graphics, a way to list your stocks and streaming data every minute and your ticker at the bottom.

    Unfortuanately, with being so sick this week I could not do the work, but I am back in action today and so far, so good.

    I know that people with FM/CFS need extra income very often. I know that I do.

    My suggestion is to go to as many seminars in your area as possible. Do not buy their materials, but ask all the questions you want and it's a good way to get information from people.

    Just set yourself up with a brokerage house with a good program for you, as far as graphics and info streamed to you. Never pay more than ten bucks for a trade.

    I met a retired man who can make five thousand dollars a day and the next day lose ten thousand, but by the end of the week is ahead of the game.

    It is not for the faint hearted. I do it on a small scale and it helps with my prescription cost, which is where this money goes to or I would have to use my savings or SSD check. This way I can save much money and do not have to worry about using my nest egg.

    I hope this helps you. And others, too in need of money.
    Like I said: it is not for the weak at heart because you are taking a big chance and really have to be assertive and go with a gung-ho attitude.

    Research it on the net and maybe you can cut down on expenses and have extra money for whatever.

    Good luck with it. Any help I can give to help you with this extra income for medical bills---just send me a note.

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    Thank you for sharing this info with me...

    I will look into FIDELITY since it seems to work well with you...

    I am looking forward to attempting this new venture. I haven't yet had my SSDI approved but I know it's just a matter of time. Due to my illnesses for the past 13 years, it kept me from working much and my benefit will be next to nothing, but I may be able to invest some to make some more, like you...

    I am glad you are feeling better than before and again, much thanks to you for taking the time to write me...

    I will let you know how I do~Alicia

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