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    You looked for me when I was gone due to my falling accident, but now I can not find you on here.

    I hope all is well and want to thank you again for 'searching' for me when I was bedridden.

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    she is still here nyro.....bumpting this for her.

  4. NyroFan

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  5. MamaDove

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    I have been playing hooky...tehe

    I just got home from a drive to find where my SSDI hearing is on Monday...I have to drive alone so I am quite nervous, hubby took me to make sure I knew where I was going and I would be less anxious about it...

    That was half the battle, now it's getting there...I haven't been driving due to the fog and my neck issues...I go through red lights, thinking they're green...OOPS!

    Funny,I am not nervous about the hearing itself, in fact I can't wait to try and tell the judge why I think I can't work...Just hope it comes out right...

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I see Michelle bumped this for me...Thank you dear, saw it right away!!!

    Hope you both are having th nice weather we are haivng in here in Maine, like Indian Summer here, with some humidity to make it feel like my old home on Long Island...

    Well, I am pooped from the drive and thenlunch and now typing...I can't believe that's too much for one day...I feel like a whimp, but I am truly exhausted...

    Love to All~Alicia
  6. NyroFan

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    Hello all:

    Alicia: I was wondering where you were. I also make 'dry-runs' to places so I am prepared to get to the right place at the right time when I need to go somewhere. It does reduce anxiety.

    I had no problem with the ALJ for my SSD. I had a lawyer with me who explained it was already a 'done deal' and all I had to do was show up. I was given the option to let just the lawyer go for me, but I showed up anyway.

    They say that people who make it to the ALJ state usually have won already. The next step is to sue SSA and they want to avoid that at all costs.

    I hope all goes well for you!

  7. MamaDove

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    Thank you for the encouraging words regarding my ALJ hearing

    I am really not worried, concerned or nervous about this cause I know how sick I am and am so far from lazy, it scares me...I worked all I could EVEN going as far to start my own pet grooming business so I could work my own hours and do what I love to do...Unfortunately, like amny of us, the more we do, the worse we get...I had to come to terms with these dd's and I let them win in a sense that I can no longer fight it, I have to go along with it...

    Someone I recently met at a support group meeting felt that I was STILL in denial by some comments I made...I said, that's a good thing, I really haven't lost my willpower or fight then, I just thought I did...

    It's sad we go through so much only to have others voice their opinion still, guess that's why my greatest "friends" are on this board...tehe...No judgment on here, we are all in the same boat...

    After I win my case I am hoping to get into 'stocks' to supplement my income...I may need some advice to get me started in the right direction...

    I am hoping you are feeling better today and no more falling for you okay...

    Love to all~Alicia
  8. NyroFan

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    Hi Alicia and all:

    No more falls for me. I am just getting rid of all of the black and blues. I bounced from the chair in the laundry area to the utility table, to the wall and then banged down to the floor.

    I am just getting back into action. Thank you. Yes, I believe true friends are on this board.

    As for 'stocks', yes; that is what I do to make some extra money. I worked for a few hours a day and by the end of the week let the chips fall where they may. I usually make some kind of profit, a very modest one, but every little bit of extra $$$ helps.

    Good luck.


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