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    To avoid the need for surgery on my wrists due to carpal tunnel, I will list all the items that were okay and only be more descriptive with the troublesome results...

    Triglycerides ~ OK

    Chymotrypsin ~ OK

    Putrefactive SCFAs ~ OK

    Beneficial SCFAs ~ OK

    n-Butyrate ~ OK

    Beta-Glucuronidase ~ HIGH (6,383 in a reference range of 337-4,433) this is an inducible enzyme, produced by E.Coli and anaerobes Bacteroides and Clostridia. Its activity reverses the detoxication of compounds processed in the hepatic phase II glucuronidation pathway (including many pharmaceuticals, carcinogens, bile acids and estrogen) Elevated levels are associated with a higher risk of colon cancer as well as hyperestrogen conditions in the body. High fat and high meat diets as well as an alkaline pH, are associated with increased enzyme activity.

    pH ~ OK

    Acetate, Propionate and n-Butyrate ~ OK

    Fecal Lactoferrin ~ Negative

    Mucous and Occult Blood ~ Negative (however, I viewed in sample)

    Long Chain Fatty Acids ~ HIGH (29.8 in the reference range of 1.3-23.7) Long chain fatty acids are broken down by pancreatic lipase from dietary triglycerides and are normally readily absorbed by the intestinal mucosa. Elevated levels in the stool suggest fat malabsorption in the small bowel, possibly resulting from bile salt insufficiency, excessive dietary fat or onflammation of the intestinal mucosa.

    Cholesterol ~ OK

    Phospholipids ~ OK

    Fecal Fat ~ HIGH (35.7 in the reference range of 2.6-32.4)The total fecal fats are calculated as the sum of fecal triglycerides, phospholipids, cholesterol and LCFAs. Elevated levels reflect pancreatic insufficiency (expect elevated triglycerides) malabsorption (expect elevated LCFAs, cholesterol) or both.

    Beneficial Bacteria ~ Lactobacillus-NONE
    Bifidobacterium-2 (should be 4+)

    Eosinophil Protein X ~ OK

    Calprotectin ~ HIGH (216 in reference range of <=50mcg/g) Fecal calprotectin is a direct measure of inflammtion in the gut and is directly correlated to disease activity in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. As such, calprotectin has been called the ESR (Sed rate) of the gut. Elevations can be caused by IBD, infection, polyps, neoplasia or NSAIDs use. Levels greater than 100, warrant further investigation.

    Bile acids ~ OK

    No Ova or Parasites seen
    Red Blood Cells:Rare
    White Blood Cells:Few
    Red blood cells in the stool indicate rectal bleeding. May be an indication of hemorrhoids or anal fissure.
    The presence of leukocytes in the stool is usually associated with an infectious process in the intestinal tract or a non-bacterial inflammatory process such as ulcerative colitis.

    My new doc gave me a script for Lialda and diagnosed me with UC...I have other opinions... :)

    Will come back and write more on the subject later...

  2. simonedb

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    thx for sharing
    wonder how much some of that has to do with no gallbladder
    doc any thoughts on that and how that interrelates?
  3. Catseye

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    Wow, you had many more "OKs" than I did on mine. And I had no lactobacillus, either. Just goes to show how complex the whole gut system is. No two results will be alike so that means we may need different diets and supplements. At least now you know your diet and supps will be tailor made to your particular issues. Some day, maybe medical doctors will learn about these things and get in on the fun!

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