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    we have to go to the Dr at 2:30 this afternoon , please say a pray that we will have clear thoughts, and be able to talk to the Dr and come to some kind of plan for My husband health.
    My husband and I have found that we like to take notes then go home and go over the notes before we make dicisions.
    I just talked to our daughter that works in a bigger hospital and she said if they want to do angioplasty. to ask for a referal to a hospital with a cadio lab, and staff.
    the hospital in our area doesn"t have a cardio staff and if anything was to go wrong they"d have to air lift you to a different hospital,
    This dr, isn't the most patience person in the world and he may be offened by us asking this but its my husbands life that we're taling about. well let you know this evening when we get home. Blessing sixtyslady
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    You are proably aleady at doctors...praying that the doc will be considerate and help you.

    This is difficult enough as it is....they should be understanding and realize that you are carrying a big load!