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  1. Tigger57

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    I want to thank you so much for worrying about me. Yes, things have been far more difficult than can be imagined right now. I still haven't been able to pay the bills even though I was working.

    It's one thing when you can't pay your bills because you are not working, but when you are dragging your but into work, putting on a happy face, and just praying to get through the day so you can take your pain meds and go to bed and still not being able to pay them is kind of like slamming your head against a brick wall.

    Hopefully with this new job I'll be able to pay my bills. I know I'll have to cut back on things... like I haven't already. I keep my heat turned down low at light and during the day while I'm at work. It's a good thing my dogs have really fluffy fur.

    Again, thank you so much. Although I broke down crying when I read your post, it was in a good, feeling loved way.
  2. MamaR

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    I just replied to other post from earlier. Then, I came back before bed and saw where you wrote me.

    I am so sad that you are having to go this alone...well in the flesh. We are hear to listen. Just wish I was there to talk to you!

    It saddens me to hear that your car needs repair, you have to cut back on your heat! Thank God for your sweet doggies!

    I trust that God sees where you are and has started things getting better. This job has benefits, better pay...with raises! It all sounds positive.

    I know that it is so hard to work though. I have been too! I had to quit. I was having to drive in the Chicago area traffic, and it was terrifing with this brain I was getting so bad that I couldn't work with the children any longer.

    PLEASE try ro take it as easy as possible. When you can let us know what the doc said...o.k?

    With love....Mama

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