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    I was looking back at the message you wrote yesterday & the reply that I had made bk to you. I had mentioned the fact that my family had a list of alcoholics and that I could relate. Well it just so happened that my long lost son of 2 1/2 yrs. called today & told me that he had just been in a

    rehab center for alcohol and gambling addition. Oh my God,
    I was totally shocked. I was so happy to hear from him but saddened to hear that he had these problems that I knew nothing about. He asked if he could come home. Of course I

    told him yes. He lives in Reno so I am sending him a plane ticket. Once again, I hope things get better with you & your son & that he realizes soon that he needs help. I will pray for you.

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    I am so sorry that I missed this post! I haven't been coming on as much...and when I do...I usually just look at first page...if I have time I go back and look at earlier posts.

    Anyway, I saw the posts from last night (late) after you had gone to bed. I replied to them.

    Then this afternoon logged on and went way back (unusual for me) and saw this!

    I hope all is going well. STILL PRAYING!!

    My son came in today (comes home on weekends) and he WASN'T drinking!!! I hope that he is seeing what we see! I thank you for your prayers and we will continue to hold each other up.

    Thank you and hope this weekend goes well for you all.


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