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    Thanks so much for replying to my posting about my son. I am so nervous about this whole thing. He is arriving tomarrow. We cleared out some drawers and closet space in the spare room. Thank God we have a spare room although my

    hubby usually sleeps in there because he snores so loud that it bothers my sleep, so now I have to adjust to him sleeping with me again. Oh well that is a good thing I guess. I just hope that my hubby doesn't start his

    lecturing. He has this irritating way of getting his point across that really kills me and the boys. Sometimes I wish he would just let me handle things myself. I really pray that your son reaches the point where he realizes that

    he too needs some help. I didn't realize he was so young. These kids are too young to have these problems. I sure hope we can help him. He sounds so sad. I will keep you posted, and you let me know how your son is doing too.

    Just keep praying! That is what I have done. I have prayed that he would come home, but didn't know that this was how he was going to do it. Well, it is late and I need to go to bed. I'll try to write over the weekend. Thanks for listening.


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    I am so happy that your son is home and it turned out so well! It will work out...I just feel it! He sounds like he has the right attitude about it too!

    I guess that we are on same page tonight. I just felt like I needed to check in once more...and here your messages were!

    Thanks for helping me pray for my Matt!!

    Talk to you soon....MamaR
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    My hubby did have the study done for sleep apnea. He actually had the little hanging thing at the back of the throat cut back because it was too long. He was suppose to have a 3 month lead time where if the snoring didn't stop he could go back and they would do it some more. He went

    back & the dr. told him that the reason he still snored is because he gained 30 lbs. So the heavier you are the more likely you are to snore. Anyway, I got so use to him sleeping in the spare room & now that my son Jeremy is

    here I have to readjust. Of course I don't slleep well anyway. Last night, the 1st night, I went to the couch at 4 am. Did not sleep well at all. Oh, well. Thanks for your concern.


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