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    Where are you? I hope that you are doing good. I miss you. I haven't been able to respond much, but I have been lurking and praying. I can't recall seeing you here for a while. Please let me know how you are. Love you, Tam
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    I haven't had time to even read. It has been a very trying time lately for us. I can't even remember when I posted last, or what I posted. I will try to fill you all in.

    My hubby fell from a ladder on 9/06 and broke his ankle. He had surgery last 9/19 and had two screws put in his ankle.

    He will be out of work for six more weeks. He moves around on crutches, but, he isn't allowed to return to work until after the boot comes off. He talked the doc into not putting a cast on. He has the boot, which allows him to remove it for showering! That made him very happy!
    We are praying that he has enough leave time.... so we can get a paycheck!

    Then, my Tehya Kitty became very sick from eating on a houseplant! We first thought that it was from bug spray...or from her swallowing something. We were so very concerned! She could have died. I had to take her to the vet and have her detoxified. He also put her on a antibiotic...just in case it was something else. I took all of the plants outside.

    I prayed that I could get through it all. I didn't want to show my pain because my hubby felt so bad that I had to help him. God is good!! He brought us through it.

    Thank you for asking about me. May God bless you and all others that are praying for us. This is the first time that I have even checked in here in awhile... and then to see this made me very emotional!

    I wish that I had time to read and try to lift others up, but, I am so busy. I will come back as much as I can.
    Just remember... I continue to pray for this board and all the dear people here!

    Love to all.....Mari
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    I was so glad to hear from you. I am sorry about your husband and your kitty. It sounds like both of them are doing better tho. Praise God! Try to get some rest for you now.

    I feel so bad when I can not respond much and offer encouragement. I am in that place now. I do lurk and pray tho. Hopefully soon I will be back to that place that I can be more of a helper. I am a much better nurse than I am a patient.

    I hope and pray that things continue to improve for you and your loved ones. Love ya, Tam
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    I appreciate your caring and prayers! I am praying for you too!!

    Love to you....Mari