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    It is that time again. I dread it. It is the most painful thing to do. I read somewhere that there is another test that they can do. The article didn't say what the test was. Does anyone know what that could be. Gail
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    Hi,I had my mammogram last wee,just a little uncomfortable.
    got a call back to check something,had an ultrasound this a.m.
    It was just a cyst-fell sooo releived since I had a sister die from breast cancer-beleive me it is well worth the time and effort-Go and get it done!!!
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    Even though it is uncomfortable, it is well worth it. It could save your life. Don't dawdle around; just do it!

    Breast cancer runs in my family. I'm not willing to take a chance. Lisa
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    that you go and have it done,i had an appointment last week but was to ill in bed to go but made sure that i could get another appointment before i cancelled.Glad to say that i have had my new app throuhgh for the 20th Feb.I lost my mother to breast cancer she was only 47.My grandmother also had it but she was 82.My sisters and i now belong to the genetic clinic and by testing my grandmothers blood they found she was carrying a faulty gene which could have been passed onto my mother,and then onto my sisters and myself,so it is important to have them.I suppose we are lucky really that they are looking after us and we have a mammogram every year.When i go for the one in feb i am making sure i dont do anything to aggravate the fibro,it is painful i know but make sure u take meds before you go.I havent heard of another test that can be done,it would be great if there was one.Hope all goes well for you Take care Sharon
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    I'd say AVOID IT unless Breast Cancer runs in your family. I am well aware that exposure to X-rays causes cancer, and I see no need to go every year, unless you have a risk factor. I do advocate monthly self-exams, in the shower as well as laying down and palpating. Going for a Mammogram maybe every 5 yrs.or so might be OK...???~~~~Fibromiester
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    It is very important to go..Yes, it's uncomfortable, but it doesn't take long..I also have never heard of any other tests..I know if they suspect something with a Mammo, then they usually have you have an ultra sound..Just had mine yesterday..
    Take Care...........Best Of Luck..........Donna
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    If it was a little uncomfortable I wouldn't have posted. I'm talking about near pass out pain. When I lived in florida the tech had me turn the knob while she was going behind the screen. Then it was only a couple of seconds of terrible pain. I never said that I wasn't going. I thought that I was asking a question. I read that women that have FM experience greater pain. There is another test for FM women. I'll call a tech and ask them. Gail
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    I've heard that there is a new type of mammogram that is much less painful, but not all doctors offer it. I don't know the details, but I believe it involves a different type of equipment/machine to perform the test. You'd probably need to call around to find out where you can get the new type of test performed. Good luck to you!

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    I've heard advertised over the radio that they are using those body scans instead of mammograms, you might want to check into that. It might be more expensive, I'm not sure if insurance would cover or not. I think Ameriscan was the name of the company in Arizona, but wherever you are, I'm sure that there are other companies that are doing it.
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    to disagree with my friend above, but the mammo saved my's as simple as that and in five years, I'd be dead. I never would've felt the lump in time to save my life as it was on the bone.....My mother had breast cancer, but mine was diagnosed first, so I had no idea there was a history.
    I am just SO glad I went and I do go every year. The small amount of radiation just doesn't compare to breast cancer for me.......
    And, as far as the new test, I only know that our local hospital has a newer, boob-friendly machine that, I swear, did not hurt me at all this time! No sweat with the new machine! I live in NC, too, so maybe your local hospital has this newer model. I hope so. Plus a new type of scan is being used, too, but I really don't know anything about it.
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    But I had this before and din't realize it.
    I had a mammogram,but it is called "light touch"
    done the same way as always,but with this machine it is about 60% eaiser than before.
    Could this be what you mean??
    Sorry but I do say GO EVERY YEAR-if she had,my sister would be alive today!!!!
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  13. Fibromiester

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    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad,for you,Kady! ~~~~~Fibromiester
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    I want to thank all of you who replyed to my post. I appreciate the responces you gave. Gail
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    Find a facility which works with women with FMS. Do not go when you are having a period or if you are menopausal, don't go at the time when you would be having a period if you were still menstrating. I don't have menses anymore, but about that time of the month, I still bloat and feel PMSsey. My breasts are more thender then too.

    I have a high pain tolerance, so I just go and get it over with. I have fibrocystic breast tissue, so they check my breasts every year for changes. The right technician make a world of difference too. If you get one who is not gentle, don't be afraid to ask for another.

    Love, Mikie