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  1. fivesue

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    Mari is on her way to see her rheumy now. She is going to get down to brass tacks and make someone do something. The first thing she wants is a test for Lupus. She said if he blows her off, she will go back to her PCP and get one very soon. Then, she is going to go to another highly recommended doctor in her town for a second opinion.

    She has been canning, getting ready for the reunion, and getting ready for house guests! AAGH! She is up to her eyeballs in activity and isn't feeling that great. Pray for her that she can survive and enjoy the reunion and that the doctor will help her today!

    She wanted me to say hello to all of you and let you know that she is too busy to be on the board, but she's praying as she drives...she said that the people must think she's crazy driving country roads and talking to herself! (-:

    They don't know she's talking to the Creator!

    Take care, each. I'm not going to be on much as I'm not feeling well...but have read many requests and posted to a couple. I pray for each one today that God will enable you to be the person you're meant to be.

    Love to all,

  2. ilovecats94

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    Thank you for letting me know that Mari was going to see her rheumy again about the lupus and demand an answer for this. I know she has been busy canning and freezing the vegetables and very exhausted.

    I hope that she can find some answers from the doctors.

    Prayers that you feel better too. :)

  3. Asatrump

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    My head gets so befuddled, I forget who is who, what, where etc. Obviously you and Mari know each other, what a blessing it must be to have a friend who understands fms. Just reading about all the activity , driving, etc. makes me run for a nap.
    I just phoned a normal friend in town who is 74 today. When I told her I take a nap each day she said: you are too young for that waste of time...... she is loving and sweet, but doesn't understand fms.
    Sue I hope you get to feeling some better, and Mari, keep your eyes on the road .
    Blessings for you both.
  4. dejovu

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    I'm praying for our sweet Mari and all of you! You are all such sweet spirits, and so caring. God Bless you all. De

    PS. I just told Jesus how much love and joy I find in reading your words of encouragment and I thanked him for you all and for bringing me here. Bless you all. De
  5. MamaR

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    The reunion and birthday party went well, but I collapsed after the birthday party. I have serious upper respitory infection. And, I have you all can imagine how I am feeling right now. I have been in bed since Saturday evening, but wanted to say hello to all. I will try to make it back and read some tomorrow.

    I thank Sue so much for posting for me. I pray that she has a relaxing, peaceful time with her dear mother.

    I went to my Rhuemy and he was so nice. He said that he didn't appreciate the PP upsetting me with the possible Lupus DX. He did do a blood draw and sent it off.

    He tried calling her, but she was already gone for the day. He said that he has been treating me for over two years and thinks that he knows where I stand. He did another exam on the pressure points...and I almost screamed it hurt so bad.

    I will check back soon and will be asking God to take care of everyone!

    Thank you all for your prayers for me.

  6. ilovecats94

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    I'm so sorry to hear you are ill and having to go through that now. I hope you will feel better soon. Company can just wear you out. They don't mean to, but it happened to me too back in April.

    Well can't wait for you to get your blood test back and find out what the situation with the lupus is.

    Many healing prayers to you.

  7. windblade

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    How wonderful to have you back!!! I've been missing you. Make sure you rest and heal from that respiratory infection, they can be nasty.

    So glad your reunion went well! We'll be looking forward to hearing from you when you feel better.

    Sending love and prayers,