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    Hi Nancy,

    I replied to one of your posts a couple of weeks ago and never heard from you. I was wondering how you are doing. I saw your post for prayer and I have been praying for you and your son. I am praying for a miracle in your financial situation. I pray for pain relief for your son and for a good night's sleep also. You take care and know that we will be praying for you. I am doing much better than the first couple of weeks of school. I am using my juicer regularly now and it is really helping. I am so thankful for that. Thanks for your prayers too.

    God Bless You,
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    It is getting more and more painful to sit here for even a few minutes. I still have not gotten the hang of surfing through all the posts. I want to read everything and just can't and I hate that.

    I'm so happy that you are having the energy you need. I know how hard it is to keep up the pace of fulltime work and deal with our illness, not to mention everything else that comes up. I kinda see sometimes that like manna, God seems to give me just enough energy for what he wants me to get done during the day. It has really been evident in my life lately that as soon as I step outside of what HE wants me to accomplish..the energy is instantly gone. I hope that does not sound crazy but I've seen how instant he can work in a person's life and I don't discount anything with him.

    I forgot to respond about how to post a picture. You click on edit your profile and then there's an option to add a pic. When you click on that it will let you browse through what's on your PC to select the pic you want. I'm going by memory here and we all know that's kinda bad. It will also tell you whether it's in the format that it will accept. At first it does not look like it worked when you select and load it, if that happens, click your refresh button and then go back in. Whaola, it should be there.

    It was so nice of you to ask for me. I don't have any friends so I can't imagine anyone WANTING to start a conversation with me.

    Oh, I was going to ask you, what is the difference between just buying juice and using the juicer and do you juice just certain things?

    Take Care
    TN Nancy
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    I hope you don't mind me jumping in on this post Nancy.
    I have just read a couple of your posts. You are such a terrific person. You have so much love and compassion. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to be your friend. Anyways if you ever want a friend I would be honored to be your friend someone to vent to or to shoot the breeze.
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    There are so many Nancy's around here this is getting confusing so don't mind me using your online name. It is good to hear from you. I was concerned for you as your last post I had seen was about your financial situation. I have been praying for you and your son. How is he doing? I think he was having difficulty too if I remember correctly. I so wish I could send him a CD of the Marriage of Figarao. I did see where it is allowed to share email in chat rooms. I am doing pretty well. I have kept up my juicing regimen and it is really a good thing for me. Your question regarding the bottle stuff vs fresh is this. I am told that when you juice yourself you should drink it right away as it loses its nutrients or affectivness very quickly. I think it has to do with the air getting to it. I know I not explaining this very well but I do believe it as I have read it in several places and my muscle therpist who is really into nutrition has told me that. It is time consuming but I look at it this way. If it gives me energy in the end then I will need to expend some to get the benefit. I was reading your post about church and your past. I am sorry for all the stuff you have gone through. It sure sounds like a lot. I am so very sorry for the negative experiences you have had with your church. That is such a shame. I got to a mega church so it is very different in that you can easily get lost in the crowd. That maybe be good or bad depending on how you look at it. I have found some good friends there and for me it is a great place but I am very fortunate after reading so many posts who have had unfortunate experiences. I will have to post a picture on my profile when I have a chance. Thanks for the info. You take care. Good talking to you.

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    Caffey....thank you so much, that is so sweet. I've read several of your posts. I would love to be friends.

    Bandwoman...thanks for being concerned. Alan is having a major flare right now and then the more he stresses about not being able to get school work done, the more he hurts. We know how that is.

    We have what would be considered a mega church for our little city and I've thought about attending it. It's the same denomination I grew up in so I'd be familiar with it. I will go ahead and apologize if I get to sounding angry or venting too much right now. I'm the kind that on the outside, at work, just talking with people, everyone thinks I'm great (physically & mentally), I'm a cut up and would do anything for anyone. I'm always the same and mask hurt and pain very well. I'm sure you have to also at school so you know what I'm talking about.

    Every year about this time I really have to struggle in myself to be happy. I call it my "Season of Sad" and every years despite everything I do to keep it from happening, it does. I'm on an anti-depression med but it doesn't work very well on regular days when I don't need it as much. It sure won't do much now. I'll explain more later, I've got to get ready for work now.

    I hope you have a great day and I pray for your strength to continue and your faith to sustain you.

    I changed my pic on my profile to show the Healing Circle Alan designed.
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    Alan's design is very cool. Tell him I think it is awesome. I am praying for both of you. I can't imagine having to deal with all you do. Yes, I can certainly understand the face we put on at work. The people I work with have no idea what is wrong with me. There are two other teachers at my elementary school who have FM and I do talk to one of those teachers and I told her I had it after she told me she did. Everyone else doesn't have a clue and I want to keep it that way. My fellow band directors know I have health problems but I have never discussed it with them. I know they wouldn't get it and I am going to spare myself the pain of the insensitive remarks that I know would go along with any admission. I just pray that I can hang in there for five more years. That is my goal right now. I know what you mean about this tme of year. I have SAD I am sure and I bought one of those lights. I have had it about three years and it does make a difference. They are very pricey though. I think this one was $300. I hope the lower gas prices are giving you some relief in your tight budget. They have talked about the natural gas prices being at a two year low so that will be good news also when it gets cold. Well it is my bedtime and it has been a pretty hectic day. Talk later and know I am praying.

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    I appreciate so much your thoughts and prayers. I need all I can get :)! Thanks for your comments about Alan's design, I'll let him know what you said. He's made about 30 different designs and gives titles to each of them as God leads him to the idea. I'll change the pic to show you another one I think he called it Complexity 2. It reminds me of a stain-glass window. I told him it's a shame we can't figure out how to make some money from his creativity.

    The gas prices going down does help some, but I'm really lucky in that area. I work about 1 mile from my house. I can drive a month on a tank of gas, so in that respect I'm one of the lucky ones. I don't plan on using gas to heat the house this year. I just bought my home Sept 13, 2005 and my first winter last year was terrible on the pocketbook. Alan and I are really hot-natured and I kept my heat cut on 60 degrees and my gas bill the 1st month was still 368.00. Of course I don't think it was correct but they certainly don't think they make any mistakes and if you say anything to them your next bill will be even higher (small town life for ya). The other thing I'm not use to since I moved here is that you get the bill one week and it's due the next. I get paid on the 15th and the last day of the month. The bill always comes some time after the 15th but is due before my next payday. It's hard to budget it because the amounts are always so different and you never know. This month I was looking forward to having a smaller bill because I knew we had not used the a/c as was almost 70.00 higher... :0 !

    I can't complain so many people have it so much worse than me. I hear it everyday at work which adds to my stress because I'm a caseworker. As much as I try to do everything I can to help my clients, way too many of them think I'm suppose to solve EVERY problem in their life.

    Well, fibro fog I guess. I was going to say something else and can't remember it now. May have something to do with it being 3 a.m. also. Thanks again and I keep you in my prayers daily. Oh yes! Do you want to set a time to meet on chat and I'll give you my email and we can email if you want? Let me know.
    Big soft hug for a great day OK
    TN Nancy
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    What in the world are you doing up at 3:00 am.? I thought my time out of bed at 4:20 was awful enough. This has been one of those days. I am having some hugh stress regarding some school issues. At my junior high they keep scheduling other things during my band reherarsals and I only have two a week. I have a concert in early Nov. and there is no way we are going to be ready. They released more assembly dates today and guess what. In two weeks another one right during my band rehearsal. My dept head and my collegue are standing up for me and even suggested I not participate in this Nov. concert. I am going to end up in the funny farm if something doesn't give. I could definitely use some prayer regarding that. My pain level is not good either. I had a really serious neck surgery five years ago and was told I would be paralyzed if I didn't have it. My neck has not been the same since. I got in a bad car accident at the end of June and was rearended and my car was totaled. I had whiplash and was in therapy all summer. That certainly didn't help things either. So I pretty much started school this year feeling like I didn't even have a summer vacation. I have been doing pretty well in spite of all that. I think today was just one of those days. I am not much of an instant messager but I would love to get on the chat room to share our emails. Finding a time is going to be interesting. I have something going every day after school this week. Saturday might be the best. I have to get an allergy shot in the morning but that is all I have scheduled for that day. I am on Central time. Let me know what works for you. Regarding Alan, that would be something if he could sell his designs. That is certainly something to pray about. Notecards, tee shirts... lots of ideas. Your finances are in my prayers. Do you have any type of plan called budget billing. We have that here with the gas bill. We can pay one set amount for the whole year. I personally don't do it but I know many people do. That might be something to look into and then it wouldn't be a surprise every month. My bed is calling me. Talk later. Tell Alan hi for me and tell him I am praying for him too!

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    You know how it is, I was up at 3a.m. because of pain. Kinda like now, I've been up since 2:30. Does your pain wake you up during the night? I go back to the rheumatologist Thursday and I'll ask him AGAIN about something to help me sleep through the night.

    I hate that they are messing with your band rehearsals. I know that has to be totally frustrating, especially because it appears that the same importance is not placed on music education as other functions. One of the major problems with our school systems is that they place such little value on programs like music and art but will go to any length to keep a sports team. When I first moved to TN I worked in the high school here. I set up their computer lab, entered discipline reports and attendance and worked in the special ed dept. I saw just enough to know I never wanted my son to attend. At the time he was in the 3rd grade and was going through enough hell at the school he was in.

    The sad thing is they'll expect you to perform miracles with the kids in the short time you get to work with them. I'll keep it in my prayers. I know you're doing your best not to stress over it.

    I'm on central time as well, do you want to shoot for 1-1:15 Sat. on chat and talk. If one or the other isn't in by 1:15 we'll just know that something came up and not offense. That way we won't be tied up too long. Let me know if this times OK or you want something different.

    Alan says thanks. Did you see the new circle on my profile. It's called Complexity 2 and looks like a stained-glass window. He wants me to show you one called Chaos, but I'll wait to put it on after you get to see the current one.

    Well, gonna try to get some more sleep. We're having a big staff meeting today at 8a.m. Thanks for the ideas too about the designs. Have a great day and I'm praying for you.
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    I am going to make this very short, I'm sorry. It is past my bedtime and I am absolutely exhausted. I found Joyce Meyers on tonight and couldn't resist. She is doing a series on the Confident Woman and has a new book out by the same name. I saw Alan's design. It is really beautiful. Is he using a compass? Tell him to keep up the good work. I would like to see more. Thanks for the prayers. They are working. I do IV's every other week and I had to leave right after school today as it is out of town. It makes for a very long day. I am actually experimenting with a double IV based on this new fibro newsletter report. I showed it to my alternative dr. and he was willing to put some more things in my IV regarding the dopamine issue. I am not sure if you get the newsletter but it is free and I would recommend it if you are not already. It comes via email. I have had so much trouble sleeping and had been experimenting with melatonin. I finally stopped it the night before last because it was making me super depressed and I felt hung over in the morning, more so than the usual hung over feeling which I am sure you can relate to. It was helping me get to sleep and staying asleep. However it the trade off wasn't worth it. I do a lot of bodywork. I see a myotherapist every week and a chiropractor every week. So my weeks are just eaten up in trying to deal with this illness. It is like having two full time jobs. I am sure you know what I mean and you probably feel the same. I have done this for years and it does help keep me functioning. I will pray for your sleep. My pain has been getting worse the last few years and I am not sure why. Fatigue is still what I consider the biggest obstacle for me. I can work through the pain and the emotional stuff even though that gets really hard at times. I will pray for your sleep and pain. I know you are having lots of back stuff going on. I have back and neck stuff so I can sympathize. Whatever time you said for Sat will be fine. I can't remember what I just read but I know it was around 1 in the afternoon and that should be fine. I will go back and read to be sure what it was. I have only been in the chat room once and I hated it. Much of that was my state of mind at the time. I was really hurting from a severed friendship and I don't really know what I was expecting. That was before I knew anyone on the message boards. There was only a couple of people on and this young guy starting asking me some really personal stuff right off the bat and I got sort of turned off. I hope I can get back in that room ok.
    I will pray for a better night for you. Well I really have to get to bed. I will talk later. Thanks for you prayers. They mean a lot to me.