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    Hey Nancy,

    Greetings from downstate IL. I am without email. UGH. I am using my mom's webtv and it doesn't work with my primary email address and it didn't work with my yahoo account even though I can receive messages. Go figure. Frustrating. My laptop computer is not working properly after they worked on it all day on Monday. I went and sat in a parking lot that the businness had free wifi and it didn't work. I thought for sure it would as it has before. Anyway I hope you and Alan had a good Thanksgiving. I hope you are enjoying some much neeed downtime. Are you able to have your yard sale this weekend. It has been beautiful weather here so hopefuly you are having the same. I have to quickly take my mom's car in for an oil change so I need to make this short. It has been busy. I will share more later about Thanksgiving.

    Write here if you can.

    Take care and talk later.

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    Hi Nancy,
    I was wondering if you made it home safely and glad to see that you did. Yesterday was really hard for me. I never even took a shower or got dressed. I was in my PJs all day long and cooked a little at a time. We had dinner instead of eating at lunch so that helped some. I slept on and off
    all day. I still want to have the yard sale tomorrow, but
    every time I even try to start getting stuff together, I start hurting so bad I have to stop. It's very frustrating.
    I'm some better today but still trying to get the house clean from yesterday and not making much progress. Alan's having a flair and his hands hurt too much to help. He has to wear gloves to type on the computer and then couldn't even do that without severe pain. He went to bed around 2p.m. I'm going to get in the recliner myself and rest awhile.

    Sorry about your computer problems. I hope you can get it fixed soon. I wish we were closer I have an extra (Alan's old one, until he took over mine...:( ) I would be happy to share if I could get it to you.

    Have a safe trip home and take care.
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    I'm sorry to hear about you and Alan both not doing well. I hope today you got a chance to have some R and R. Are you going through with your yard sale? I hope you are able to do that. I will continue to pray for both of you. I am praying for your apt on Tuesday. I would imagine that you are getting pretty anxious to know what is going to happen.

    It is late and I need to get off of here. I am using my mom's webtv. Maybe I told you that already. We watched the Titanic tonight. Long movie. Leondardo DiCaprio is so cute.
    A sad movie and to think that it really happened is something else.

    Take care and will talk later.