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    I recently started seeing a Nutritionist to deal with FMS and its various horrible symptoms. The pain is just one of the symptoms but the other problems that go along with it are more bothersome. Brain fog, hypoglycemia, low thyroid, fatigue. We're working to correct my diet - low carbs, NO SUGAR, more protein and fruits and vegetables. The nutritionist is a big support for me and told me this is a journey that I have to travel through. I now believe that diet plays a VERY BIG role in managing fibromyalgia. I say "managing" because I don't believe there is a cure yet. But there is a huge relationship between what we put into our mouths and how we feel. I don't think this is stressed enough by our physicians. The nutritionist I am seeing has a Masters in Nutrition and is also a chiropracter (but I'm not seeing him for that). If anyone from the Indianapolis area wants more info about him, let me know.

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    I've known for a long time that what you eat is crucial to your health, but had to revise some of my beliefs recently.

    Until I realised I had fms and cfs I thought the Atkins and similar low protein diets sounded really unhealthy.

    Now, having listened to advice on this site, and doing some reading, I have started cutting down on carbs (I already try to keep sugar down - can't manage none at all!) and it has made a difference.

    Not eating bread in particular has really reduced the wind and bloating I used to have all the time. (I have a suspicion it may be the yeast) I'm hoping with perserverence and over time it may help my energy levels too.

    I eat meat, a little fish, eggs, dairy (esp. yoghurt) and lots and lots of fruit, also veg (mainly green) and salad.
    I'm really going to make an effort to keep it up. It's just hard when I am working as if I don't take lunch in I end up eating sandwiches.
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    I know what you mean about working. If I don't bring lunch, I usually get a salad and have them put some turkey breast on it. I can't remember the last time I ate a sandwich! I don't miss the bread too much but at my office there's always cake and candy. That's been my downfall lately - I'm sitting here now munching on brown rice cakes (yummy)!!!!