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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MandaJ, Sep 7, 2008.

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    I am a very stress-prone individual and even minor events make me stress out big time. I've been this way most of my life, including childhood and teen years. I know stress helps to complicate FM and it's symptoms, but managing stress has never been a strong point.

    Earlier this summer my husband was in the hospital for myocarditis, a viral infection that attacks the heart muscles, then six days later my dad was struck by lightning while working on a pivot on the farm. My flare ups from just those two events have lasted six weeks and I'm finally starting to feel well again.

    Then Friday my husband calls me at work to ask me to meet him at the ER. He was slicing a bagel and stabbed himself in the palm of the hand with the knife. He cut a couple of major tendons and a major nerve cluster that is needed to properly use your hand. He will require microsurgery this week to fix it.

    I'm already freaking out because we haven't even started paying on his heart bills (thank God for insurance) and because he is a computer programer, so having his hands is not only vital to everyday life, but to our financial situation as well.

    We are both working full-time and going to school full-time, so the option to take on a second job is too complicated and stress-inducing to even think about.

    I need some tips to managing the stress from this most recent bout of my husband's woes. Usually it is me that is hustling from doctors appointments and such, but this summer has been all about his health -- and it's killing my health in the process.
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    When it rains its pours!

    You have alot on your plate right now no wonder you are stressed out.

    Is there an option of going part time on school? Job?

    Resting as much as possible and listening to your body. My yr was like this and I didnt to well with the stress which is the worst thing for us.

    Have heard people here talk about family leave time but I think its unpaid. Also have you cked with hospital for help with hospital bills?

    Best of luck
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    The best keys I know for managing stress are these:

    - quality emotional support (family,friends, supportive people to talk to that DO NOT make you feel worse or drain you)
    - supporting your body through quality sleep, nutrition and exercise/movement
    - yoga or stretching to calm and focus the mind and body
    - doing "self-care" such as bathes, writing in a journal, anything that helps you feel grounded, centered etc
    - getting outside- being in trees, open air, on a mountain all makes me feel better (even if all I do is sit there listening to my ipod)
    - good boundaries- the ability to say NO when you really can't or shouldn't do something, standing up to people in our lives that don't treat us well, choosing to be around people who make us feel good, do activities that make us feel good

    I think that stress is major factor in these illnesses ... even if it isn't the "cause" it makes everything worse and can stop people from getting better because they are overwhelmed or sometimes we get locked in patterns that are hard to break.

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