Mandibular surgery when you have "these" syndroms.

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    I received your reply Jellybelly on my e-mail and thank you. It is so helpful when you know someone, besides yourself, cares.

    I had the removal of a remaining 4-teeth (after the loss of a supporting tooth to a partial I had put in about 5 or so years back) yesterday.

    On my initial visit to the oral surgeon and after gen. was recommended by both my dentist of long sanding and my general physician, a decision contrary was made by the oral surgeon....he specifically deals w/mandibular problems.

    At our initial consultation he learned of the FMS and the failed procedures using routine dental anesthesia; and producures out of that body system that normally used a local anesthetic. I am also a diabetic; not several so as of yet but normally run from 140 to 150 upon arising and go to bed at around 185 or so. If I really have additional stess I can break 250 but that is rare. None the less additional precautions had to be taken.

    As most of us have MVP and PVC, that is always a factor when considering gen. anesthesia. After the last failed procedure, to have been done u/general the anesethesiologist (sp?) would not proceded w/o an echogram of the mitral valve...I have a "click" rather than a murmur and that is about all I know except the tech info I've gotten off the internet and it is full of it as it mandibular extractions!

    To the person asking about her extraction & bridge; just make sure your surgeon knows all these is to know about you; espectially if your going under general!

    I went by no choice of mine, with IV sedation, probably twilight as I was most conscious. The epinepharine (sp) was also taken out of the med/drug used to localize the nerves and surrounding organs. I was told I will probably have permanent loss of feeling in the tongue, lower lip and left chin. There was the possibility of paralysis of some of the left oral areas and l. lip. He offered to only do one of two of the extractions and I said NO! I prepared a blessing upon my own head and today was it.

    Warning. I take beta blockers to increase a low b/p and lower a tachycardia. My low was lower than he liked but I assured him that for me running as low as 100/40 was not unusual and I had forgotten to load my pill pack with the "blues" as I had to go raise hell w/my pharmacist to fill them! Funky protocal!

    My teeth extracted were the three left of where my bridge had two dead center teeth which had been removed due to abcess; then the right side had a cental tooth have an abcess to to get it out my dentist had to take a "good tooth" less she injure the 3rd trigeminal nerve. After than she said NO MORE and it was off to the specialist.

    Today is a done deal. I am on signigicant pain relievers that I have had to take a bit more frequently than prescribed but last night the stiches on the 'front four' were killing me; I almost called him to go get a "shot" of demeral but decided to meditate my way to sleep.

    Today is better. He is insisting to wait to healing is complete before dentures, which I do not want; I want either an overlay or partial overlay leaving the back long agago lost teeth as gums; which is what my partial did.

    I live on SSI so this one is on me. I am fileing directly as the Medicaid Star (for elderly and disabled) get better benefits and they told me due to the diabetes, Cushings et al it is a medical necessity...but I don't have time to get the pencil pushers time to get the language straight!

    The doc inisists on full dentures initially so that the expense of a titanium implant and overlay are a waste of time due to rejection/infection et al. I'm like I can't afford dentures much less the other at this time! I have called the Texas University for interview and if they have a dental student priming for the boards and needs this procedure down his belt, perhaps I can get the services there; this doc was very generous with his terms. The total amount due is divided in 6-month payments, at which time hello denture attempt. His fee was $1200.

    Well, friends, soon I hope to be back in full form and vigor; right now my broth and coffee latte are is my need to rest. For those of you coming upon dental/oral medical needs, get ready. If you have this mitral valve prolapse, do not fail under any circumstances to inform your doc (oral). These buggers fight gravity many beats per day. If you lose only one of these and you don't have a PVC, your okay but should more than one prolapse you are a dead dog unless your on the table. The atrium to which it allows blood to pass is the one pumping into the pulmonary artery; no blood as it is blocked. This is a serious condition and one you should remind "them" of; I used to be a "them" on an ambulance and I found apex reading w/a steth hard. Take no chances there are alternative ways to address these things. Love CactusLil'

    ***PS: All my dear friends I love you and pray for your relief every day and night. Love to all.
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    Wens night. Don't feel so hot. Swelling is going down but I feel lousy! Of all times for the "X" to decide to complain about my son's homeschooling! That concerns me more than my FMS et al.

    Well, folks. Law & Order coming on soon. Will scan the posts and see if I can help anyone there. Love to all. Lil'