Mangosteen for relief?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by englishteacher, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. englishteacher

    englishteacher New Member

    I've just heard about this and read some pros and cons reports. My massage therapist says several of her clients have had fantastic results from it.

    Have any of you actually tried it?

    I'm debating.
  2. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Funny you should mention this. My boss just mentioned this to me this week. He and his wife are very health conscious. They've been using (drinking) this for the past few months and feel great. He told me about it because he heard that it has helped relieve pain associated with Fibro and also RA.
    He's going to give me some samples - so I'll let you know. Although, I think it may take some time to see some effects.
    I'm anxious to hear from others who have any experience with it as well.

  3. tgeewiz

    tgeewiz Member

    I tried Mangosteen on two different occasions, with two different brands about 2-3 years apart and I got the same reaction.

    About 3-4 hours after I took it, I felt really happy. I mean REALLY HAPPY as you would expect after taking 10 prozac pills! Like you could almost cut my finger off and I would be giddy about it. Then, about 2 hours later, I would just come back to normal or even be depressed.

    Anyway, that is just my experience.

    Best wishes and God bless.

  4. CKater

    CKater New Member

    A local gal here with FM also uses this for relief, and swears by it. I've never used it. Personally just started taking something called Isotonix far I think it does enhance my energy levels, but don't want to give a ruling on that yet as my meds have also just been adjusted. However, for the last two weeks I've taken it, I have felt somewhat better energy wise I will say. My husband ordered me a 90 supply and I plan to continue it, it was around $37 so not bad. I've been to the Mangosteen site, and it's pretty expensive.
  5. englishteacher

    englishteacher New Member

    It sounds like there are a few helpful options out there.

    Thanks everyone for sharing,
  6. CKater

    CKater New Member

    Like I said no commercial endorcements yet, but unless it's all in my head I do feel as though my energy has increased and that's really a big deal for me. I don't go out buying every new and improved endorced product on the market, but the girl I worked with, her grandmother-bless her heart was so concerned and her friend had FM and used this with success and she gave me the tip, and I thought for 37 bucks my husband just ordered it, and so far so good. Thanks..

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