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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by matthewson, Nov 1, 2005.

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    Some history. I was given 2 bottles of mangosteen juice as a birthday present from my mom. I have been using it faithfully for 2 months now. I didn't like the taste, so I was mixing it with tart cherry juice, which is a natural anti-inflammatory similar to mangosteen.

    My question is, have you noticed any improvement in pain and/or energy level? I have to say, I can't tell if it has helped with pain levels, but I have not been sleepy during the day since I started taking this! Before taking this, I would be so tired at work all the time to the point of practically falling asleep! I have not had this now for the 2 months I have been taking the mangosteen juice.

    I am now out of the juice, and I am going to go a month without it and see if the fatigue comes back. Then I will know whether it was helping or not.

    My other question is, has anyone tried the mangosteen pills? Do they seem to work as well as the mangosteen juice. They are much cheaper and I would get them if I thought they would work.

    Anyone that has used mangosteen juice have any of the same or similar responses?

    Take care, Sally
  2. Dolphin_lover

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    but was offered it by a friend (who is healthy). I am wary of trying much of the "over the counter" stuff out there, too many people trying to get rich off of desparately ill people. Anyway, I don't know if it works or not, I was just writing to say that Costco now sells it. It used to be sold only thru individuals, but you can get it cheaper now thru Costco. I don't know your individual health concerns, but along with CFS & Fibromyalgia, one of the other problemsI have is a leaky gut. After reading articles on this website and others, I have decided to try probiotics. Seemed like a good way to go. Mikie and others on this site seem to do well using them. Good luck with the mangosteen. If it works for you, hopefully you can find the best deal on it money-wise.
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    Hi, Sally,
    I have not used mangosteen juice, but I'm intrigued to find that it is even available. I have seen the fruit itself canned (at an Oriental Grocery here in No. Illinois) but never seen the juice. As it happens, I first encountered this fruit on a visit to Indonesia some years ago and have always liked it. If I could find this juice, I'm betting it would be worth trying for me. It is probably pretty nutritious, but this is the first time I've every heard anyone speak of it having "fatigue-fighting" properties. If you have a minute, let me know where/how you can obtain this.
    Mary Rose
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    For Mary Rose, my mother gets the juice from a company called xango. It is quite expensive and I don't know if it is really worth it to me to continue, since it has not seemed to help much with pain. I am going to try a month without it and see if it was helping enough to shell out the money.

    My mother has been feeding it to my father and she also has seen an increase in his energy as she told me he is doing stuff around the house and she hasn't had to nag him about it! She said that since she has been on it, the pain in her hips that she has is gone. It does have anti-inflammatory properties, so that could be why.

    Thanks for the tip about costo, dolphin. I don't have a membership, but could get someone at work to pick it up for me if I decide to continue on it.

    Thanks and take care, Sally
  5. 1horse

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    Yes I am useing it and I think it helps a little (maybe) I get it a costco and it is 17$ . pomgrated juice, natural and it is suspose to help. they are antioxidents,or have that in it so it is good for you. I put it in my ice tea.anyway good luck