mangosteen vs pomegranate or other antioxidants

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    Hi everyone,

    Someone gave me a bottle of Xango (Mangosteen) and, much to my surprise, I immediately started having more energy, less pain, and less blood sugar wackiness. I've searched the archives here for mangosteen and found some great info. I'm hoping I can find a less expensive but just as effective supplement along these lines. I see that some folks are happy with a mangosteen product available at Sam's Club, CostCo, etc., which looks like it's 3/4 the cost of Xango. Seems worth comparing the efficacy of these 2 brands. The article Hope 2001 posted titled "A Friendly Skeptic Looks at Mangosteen" makes me wonder if I'd do just as well to try another antioxidant-rich source that might be a lot cheaper. I haven't really researched the undoubtedly numerous options. Just wondering if anyone has thoughts on the relative efficacy/expense of things like pomegranate juice, Olive Leaf Extract (mentioned here by butterfly8), etc.? I'm especially interested to know if anyone has firsthand experience with Xango compared to other products or substances. Thanks so much! Genome
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    Fruits, vegetables and fish oil!!!!!
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    Thanks everyone for the input-- it helps give me a starting point for research. Take care of yourselves! :)Genome