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    my 12 yr. old was just dignosed with manic bipolar. i was wondering if anyone can give me tips on this subject. when she has a good day its great but when its bad its really bad. can someone please help me understand this problem.
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    There are some excellent bipolar message boards on You have to join, it is free, and I am not bipolar but I know some bipolar people who are on the boards and they say they are informative and very good. There is a board for bipolar, bipolar in the family and then Bipolar II. I think a message board dealing specifically with bipolar would help you the most to get through this and get the latest info. Good luck and hugs.
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    Depression Free Naturally, by Joan Mathews Larson, PH.D. (orthomolecular = allopathic and natural nutritional approach). See Chapter 3. Bipolar can be caused by vanadium toxicity, so get that level checked, and if too high, take Ascorbate (Vit. C), as most Bipolars are low in C and this can reduce the damage. Also, Joan prescribes Omega 3, Vit. B complex, Taurine, and Lithomin. A doctor should determine the dosage for you.

    Joan says, to find an orthomolecular doctor in your area, contact Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 1-416-733-2117.

    I would also recommend a natural doctor who will do the NeuroScience Inc neurotransmitter testing.
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