Many do not understand

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    Many of us do not understand why we have such a merciful God and all of this is happening to us? It goes against all logic.

    The first thing we need to remember God is not logic. He is an awesome God. He is the Creator. He is the air I breathe.

    Sometimes we think we have done something wrong that God has allowed this to happen to us. The two people in the Bible which had done nothing was Job and Christ Himself. Job lost everything and Christ died with not one sin on His body, except for the world's.

    Remember as you read on in Job, when God answered Him, it was not with sympathy. In fact He asked Job, "How dare he confront and question Him." That He laid the foundations of the earth and the borders of the sea.

    We must remember this DD was conqured on the cross and all of our pain is under the blood. No one has ever been in more pain and agony than Jesus was. He had the sins of the world upon Him, yet He kept His eyes on God always.

    So please keep your eyes on God at all times. Ask Him to take you higher than the circumstances and give you peace.

    Love in Christ,