Many say if they could just sleep

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    they would feel better. I do understand why someone would think that. What I don't understand is why I sleep so well most of the time and yet never feel better! I can sleep 9 to 11 hours every night and wake up exhausted and feeling like I was hit by I truck. I rarely wake up in the night. I sleep so sound that noise does not bother me. I have had two sleep studies and they find nothing wrong. Does anyone have a clue why this would be? I am really baffled. (I have Fibro and chronic fatigue)

    I have gone through rare times of insomonia and I do sympathize with those of you who can't even escape this illness with some sleep. It's horrible.[This Message was Edited on 05/30/2003]
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    waves. This is one of the characteristics in FMS.

    We saw Dr. June Fry. She is one of the pioneers in sleep study she checks for this. Also, did your doc ask them to look for FMS or Alphia Delta over lap?

    Hope this helps some, Kim
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    If I can keep my Pain level down, I do sleep better, but I'm in bad Pain 24/7 and when my Pain meds wear off the Pain wakes me up.
    I have bad dreams when I'm in Pain.
    Anyone else have Dreams from Pain?

    I have suffered for years with Insomoina for over 30 years, and even as a child I had the growing pains that woke me up.

    I have tried every Sleep med, to no avail, even the Quludes that were popular back in the 70;s didn't Help me, they Wired me, that's what happens sometimes theywork just the opposite, and sometimes they work the way they should. Weird Huh???????

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    My son had one done recently and it was worthless! I asked if it would show extra electrical brain activity, alpha waves spikes and quality of his deep sleep. They said,yes. Well, it didn't. The second opinion expert I took him to said it only did 2 levels of monitoring and that more could be done. She went on to say that there are a lot of sleep study businesses that are springing up that aren't really that good. We found out that he doesn't have apnea, but other than that it was a waste of time.

    I also think that what the "sleep experts" consider a good night sleep needs to change. My sister had one done. She woke up 3 times that night. Well, IMHO, that is not a good nights sleep.

    From what I understand. We who have this DD can sleep but wake up feeling like you do because the quality of the sleep is poor. We don't get enough of the REM or the 4 level sleep.
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    My last sleep study was done about 3 years ago in another state. Maybe I can get the records sent to someone here and have them take a second look.
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    it takes some time for me to actually fall asleep because of the pain, but once i'm out, i could sleep for days and still wake up feeling completely exhausted.
    i did find something that, in my experience, really helps improve the *quality* of sleep. it's a cd that uses binaural beat technology, and on the days that i take the time to listen to it, my sleep is 1000 times better, i need less of it, and i actually feel somewhat'd think i'd freakin' remember to use it every day, but sometimes i'm just too tired to think about getting the discman, putting the headphones on and listening to it. anyway if you'd like more info on the technology and what it actually does/how it works, i've got tons so just email me or let me know and i'll post some info on here.
    peace ~ tara
  7. Princessraye

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    I would like to know the name of the CD when you remember. (I understand that feeling)

    I could not email you , I don't have your address but posting the info would be great as others may be interested.
  8. OmShanti

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    that is the name of the cd. there are other companies out there that use similar technology but this is the one that i use. The website/company name is Awakened Minds.
    there's pages and pages of info on that site if you want to look further after i try to explain a little of it. lots of research (medical and non) has been done on it.

    the way it works is it sends one tone/frequency into one ear (you have to use headphones for it to work) and a different tone/frequency into the other ear, and your brain actually takes these two tones and creates a third frequency of its own that is equal to the difference between the two. Our brains function at different frequencies (beta, alpha, delta etc) for different things, like sleep, awake, meditative etc. this CD brings you to a deep meditative state without you having to do anything, it just takes your brain to the frequency it needs to be at. it's used for meditation and other things, but the first thing i noticed when i first used it was the change in the quality of sleep like i said, and also my mind is much more clear when i take the time to listen to it every day.
    it has three tracks that are each 24 min. long or so, they all sound like rain, you can't actually hear the tones in the background. you have to listen to them in sequential order because the technology is designed to gradually bring you to that desired state.
    one thing i should mention though, if you have epilepsy you aren't supposed use it, because of the fact that it is affecting/changing the frequencies within the brain and everything.
    that's a really small/short explaination of it, there's allot more to it, but it'll give you an idea anyways. i put my email addy in my profile if you have questions or if you can't get to that website for some reason.
    hope this helps
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    I will check it out !
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    My doctor gave me Seroquel for sleep. And I also take Celexa and Neurontin at night. That knocks me out for awhile.
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    It does take forever for me to sleep. Lately
    not until 6 to 9 a.m. Even if I sleep
    for 12 hours, I never want to get up. I could
    sleep forever once I get to sleep. Even if
    I wake up, if it isn't too soon after falliing alseep,
    I fall back asleep.