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    Hi everyone! This is the last Sunday of the month and our last week looking at scriptures about trusting in God. Of course we can always continue to touch on those scriptures as we continue in other areas.

    This week I thought about Isaiah 28:16-18
    The Lord talks about laying a tested stone in Zion which will be a cornerstone for a solid and sure foundation. It talks about the one who trusts will never be dismayed.

    I started thinking about these huge, or really tall buildings like the Empire State building or the Sears Towers. They had to start with a really strong and sure foundation. When we go in a building, or drive over a bridge or climb a set of stairs (for those of us who can) we are trusting that the person who built those things knew what they were doing and that the structure is safe and will not fall. If we can trust man with our lives and our safety and he never met any of us, how much more then can we trust God who knows and loves each one of us. He knows the number of hairs on your head. I started thinking about how we really do trust people on an everyday basis more than we realize. If you eat out you trust the person preparing the food not to poison you. If you have an emergency we trust ambulance, firemen, policemen, doctors and nurses to take care of us. We trust teachers to take care of the education of our children. All of this got me thinking about how much I do trust God, but why would it be so difficult for someone to not trust God.

    I also love these scriptures because of the message God is giving us about his son and our future when we believe in his son.

    (1) Where is Zion?
    (2) What is the cornerstone?
    (3) What does it mean that water will overflow your hiding place. This scripture is after the flood and God promised not to destroy the world with water again.
    (4) Why is our covenant with death annulled?
    (5) What revelation if any, did God show you while studying these scriptures again?

    OK, I wrap up on Wednesday. Have fun and enjoy exploring the word of God. Sorry I'm a little late in the day Sunday getting this out. I look forward to reading the posts and exchanging ideas and experiences.

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    Hi Nancy,
    The book of Isaiah is one of my favorite Old Testament books. This passage is very thought-provoking, not to mention convicting.

    1. Zion, is a common reference in Scripture. It refers to Israel, or more specifically, Jerusalem.

    2. The cornerstone is the Lord Jesus Christ.

    3. I think the context of the verse tells us that the hiding place refers to a demonic stronghold. But I think it could also be interpreted to mean anything that we trust in other than God. (ie money, security, pleasure, idols etc) I think this verse is telling us that everything we trust in other than God will ultimately let us down and will one day be completely destroyed.

    4. Again, I think this is in the same vein as verse 17. But I also think that there is another application. Death was not part of God's orginal plan for us or for this planet. When God's perfect paradise was marred by sin, death entered the picture. When Jesus died and rose again, He defeated the power of both sin and death. All of us will die physically, but the Bible also talks about second type of death, a spiritual death. Those of us who are in Christ have been made spiritually alive. So we have nothing to fear from death. For the believer, death is nothing more than the doorway to eternal life with God in Heaven. What an awesome and incredible thought! Especially since we are so undeserving and so completely corrupted by sin.

    5. The part of this text that really hit me is in verse 17 when it talks about the refuge of lies. That really hit me. I have believed so many lies about myself and about God. Believing them has become automatic. I don't even have to think about it anymore. Just when you think you are making progress, overcoming it, the lies can pull you right back down. I am able to recognize the lies and want to stop believing them. I know on an intellectual level that they are lies. But there are some lies that I've believed for so long that they feel true to me. It is a constant battle. Sometimes I feel like it's a losing battle. Sometimes it is easier to believe a lie than the truth. The truth can be harsh and unyielding. It is so much easier to create out own "truth" that is more to our liking and easier to swallow. But something is either 100% true or it's a lie. If it's 99% truth and 1% lie it's still a lie. The enemy is so crafty at this. The bible says lying is his native tongue. He is very good at it. I've found in my own life that often there is a measure of truth in every lie. But I know that God is carefully and methodically tearing apart the lies in my mind, heart, and life. He is showing me the truth about Himself and myself one step at a time. It's not easy, but I know it is something that absolutely something that has to happen. God is a God of truth and integrity. This morning in church, the pastor mentioned that we are to be imitators of God. We are to love as He loves and hate what He hates. God loves truth and hates lies and deception.

    sorry that got so long and for rambling.

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    Don't apologize for being long I loved everything you had to say. You really spoke to my heart. Verse 17 is so powerful and I went back and read it again after reading what you wrote and it really helped because there is enormous truth in what you were saying. Satan has us believe lies about ourselves and our relationship with God and how God views us. That way we are more under his control than under the blood of Christ. I started thinking about all the lies he had me believing in myself and I just started crying.

    I have a question. Can Zion in this text also be referring to the kingdom of heaven? I was thinking that maybe Jesus Christ stood as the cornerstone of heaven. When I read verse 18 & 19 I thought about that Jesus took away the covenant of death by his death on the cross. I like the way you worded it in # 4 better than I can say it now.

    Thanks so much for responding. I really enjoy reading your posts.
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    I really enjoyed your insights into this passage. You have both said so much that is right on so I'll just share a few thoughts.
    1. I believe that Zion is referred to as heaven.
    2. Jesus is the cornerstone - Matt. 21:42,1 Peter 2:6
    3. There is a grain of truth in every lie and/or deception or we wouldn't believe it. The main way to combat this by Eph.5:26 being sanctified and cleansed by the washing of the Word. We need to know what God's Word says and then to stand on it. Excellent study. Just another thought. A lie is anything that contradicts God's Word.

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    I appreciate your contribution to the study. Thanks for your insight.

    Have a blessed day
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    Yes, I think that the Bible makes it clear that Zion can also refer to the New Jerusalem referred to in Revelation and either First or Second Peter (I can't remember off the top of my head which one :)

    but I did find this verse on

    It's Revelation 21:2
    I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.

    Hope that helps answers your question.

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    That does answer my question! I appreciate you looking it up for me.

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    I really liked this week's scriptures and I learned so much from them and digging a little deeper than normal. Thanks so much to everyone who responded and added their input especially Lms526 and Caffey who helped me really understand this.

    We've ended our month on Trust in God and I hope we all have a better understanding about trusting God in all things and how he wants us to bring everything to him.

    Easter is next month and I thought we may talk about the death and resurrection of Jesus and how we feel about this.

    Thanks so much