March 4, 2007....BIBLE STUDY BEGINS....

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    Hi Everyone,

    There are several of us who; for whatever reason, can't or don't attend any kind of religious services. The reasons are as individual as each one of us are and are between ourselves and God. I don't know about you, but I really miss the fellowship of other believers and exploring the word of God with friends.

    This site has a great Prayer Request thread (thank you KittyCare)and God has been speaking to me and a few others to start a Bible Study thread as well. It is our intent that they compliment each other and that everyone has a place to share discussions and questions about scripture.

    It is also the goal of a Bible Study to help anyone who wants to participate to grow in their knowledge and love of the Lord and to draw closer to him. This study is non-denominational and focused on the relationship with God, not a particular religion.

    Since I'm not really smart about how to start this I'll just plunge right in with Psalms 32. I personally love this chapter and since it talks about how God will instruct us in the way we should go I thought that would be a great start. Please feel free to jump in and give any suggestions or advice about how to approach the studies and I'll be looking for my old Bible Study materials and see how I use to do this.

    How about for now, anyone interested, read the Chapter and respond on this thread.
    1) In verse 4 what in our own lives would make us think that God's hand was heavy upon us.
    2) Acknowledging our sins is key to a relationship with the Lord but what makes us hold back from doing this at times.
    3) Verse 7 mentions that God is our hiding place, he protects us from trouble and surrounds us with songs of deliverance. If you could draw on paper or in your mind God hiding you, what would that hiding place look like?
    4) Pop Quiz...The Lord's unfailing love surrounds what kind of man? (Hint: Verse 10)
    5) Time for you to ask questions!!

    Have fun exploring and sharing the word of God. Responses will need to end Tuesday night so that those who need to add to the prayer requests on Thursday will have time to do so. Also on Wednesday myself or someone else will have a wrap-up of this weeks scripture discussions. If you like this and want to continue please state it in your responses and we will post another scripture next Sunday. OK!! Thanks so much and I pray for us to have fun sharing the love of God through his word and look forward to your responses.

    Thanks everyone

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    I think this is a great opportunity for those who can't get to church for whatever reason. Since I am actively going to church and sunday school I may not have much time on Sundays to have any input and I may not have time the other days on some weeks but if I can I will throw in my two cents worth.

    Thanks for opening up this opportunity.

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    Thanks so much for participating Willow, I'm glad you decided to post, it's so much more fun discussing the Bible with other people.
    1) I agree totally and that's how I feel when he convicts me of my sins as well. I also go through this incredible sense of shame. PTL, that goes away when we truly ask for forgiveness. I sure would hate to feel that way all the time.
    2) ABSOLUTELY and don't worry, you worded it very well.
    3) OOOHHH, I like yours. Mine sounds kinda crazy. I had 2 older brothers and we would build these forts in the backyard and I felt so safe from the neighborhood bully boys as long as I was in that fort, so the picture in my head is a nicer fort with God guarding the door or inside hugging me.
    4) YEP...totally correct.
    5)Thanks for your questions and I sure hope some others participate so they can answer. Tuesday I will add your question to the wrap-up on this weeks study. I am terrible about remembering names of hymns but I know them when I hear them, just can't ever remember the title. I know several people on this board that do know so we'll find you some good music to listen to OK!
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    I do attend church and am already a part of a small group, but I think this is a great idea. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the questions Nancy raised.

    1. When I am feeling convicted, I just have a sense that something just isn't right between God and I. Sometimes, though not always, I feel like my prayers are just bouncing off the ceiling. I think there are also times when spiritual dryness can be a symptoms of broken fellowship with God.

    2. I think the two biggest barriers towards admitting our sin are pride and fear. Pride is such an ugly thing. Pride doesn't want to be known as weak or vulnerable. Pride causes us to think that we know better than God what is best and that we can run the universe and our lives much better than He can. It is so much easier to simply deny, minimize, justify, and blame other people for our sin than it is to acknowledge it. Second, fear. I think that a lot of people (myself included) tend to think that God treats us the same way some people respond to a puppy who has had an "accident". Some people will grab the puppy by the scruff of the neck, rub its nose in the mess, and yell at the puppy. I think a lot of people believe that is how God responds when we sin. But we need to remember that condemnation is very different from conviction. One of my favorite verses is 1st John 1:9 "If we confess our sins, The Lord is righteous and just and will forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." I've found that there is an easy way to tell the difference between condemnation and conviction. I've found that when God convicts me of something, it is something specific. Condemnation on the other hand, is usually just a vague feeling of guilt. There's really nothing specific to back it up.

    3. When I thought about the question about the shelter, the picture that came to mind is the picture of Moses. The Lord had told Moses that no one could see His face and live. But that He would pass by and Moses would be able to see his back. The Lord put Moses into the cleft of the rock and covered him with His hand. There's an old song by Scott Krippaygne that talks about this. The song is called "Sometimes He calms the Storm" The whole song is awesome. But there is one section in the chorus that really hits me.

    "Sometimes He holds us close and
    lets the wind and waves go wild
    sometimes He calms the storm
    other times, He calms His child."-Scott Krippayne

    I think that is such an awesome picture. Can't you just picture it? a killer storm. Strong winds, rain beating down, and yet, God is right there with us holding us in His arms. It can be easy to forget that in the midst of the storms. But He has promised NEVER to leave or forsake us.

    4. I love the way the Amplified Bible puts verse 10
    "Many are the sorrows of the wicked, but he who trusts in, relies on, and confidently leans on the Lord shall be compassed about with mercy and loving-kindness"

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    Hi Nancy, I have really enjoyed reading your Bible study. Since this is the first time I have been here I haven't read it. But I definitely want to jump in. I do attend church. Although I have been out for a while do to surgery for my brain disorder etc. but I finally made it back Sunday. But have been wanting to do a Bible Study and health wise aren't really able to. I am still totally wore out from attending church yesterday, but I absolutely had a wonderful time and it was the only time I have been pain free in months and that is while I was actually sitting in the annointing.

    I absolutelly enjoyed all of your post and what you got from the scriptures and I will definitely be jumping in.

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    I don't have the energy to join in now, but it has been so nurturing to read all the replies.

    I especially loved everyone's images of a safe hiding place!

    These studies are such a good idea, Nancy. An answer to prayer for me.

    God Bless,
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    Bandwoman, LittleBluestem, angiecw71 and windblade:
    Thank you so much for your responses and your support.

    Windblade we can all relate to not having any energy and we're just very glad that you enjoy reading the posts and look forward to your responses one day when you feel like it.

    angiecw71 I was so glad to see you back. I missed you!! We will keep you in our prayers also about your brain disorder. I meant to ask you the other day if your eyesight totally returned to normal. If you don't mind I'm going to post a prayer request for you on the March 8 Prayer request thread. You just jump in the Bible Study anytime you feel like it. This is for fun and fellowship and you wouldn't even have to answer all the questions. You could even ask questions of your own.

    LittleBluestem I'm sorry you are feeling under the weather and I sure hope you get to feeling better. Thanks for reading the scriptures and joining us in spirit. You can respond anytime you want to OK.

    Thanks for your support bandwoman, you are an awesome friend! I know that you have a lot on your plate so it means a lot that you read the posts.

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    Thank you so much for your support and responding to the questions.

    1)I love the way you worded that, it is so accurate how so many feel when they feel conviction.
    2)You and Willow both mentioned Pride for this answer and I agree and think it would probably rank #1. Willow also mentioned that we don't like to admit when we're wrong. I think that's when we start justifying why we sin ie...I had to do this or that because this or that happened. WOW.. FEAR, you described that perfectly and I'm one of those that has to shake the idea at times that God treats us like the puppy who had an accident. Thank you so much for the verse 1st John 1:9 that verse is soooo powerful.
    3) I can picture your hiding place and it is AMAZING!!
    4) Correct! My KJC/NIV only uses the word trust. I like that the Amplified Bible gives more options for better understanding. Thanks for your input on that.

    Thank you so much for sharing and participating.
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    Thanks to everyone who responded to the Bible study and also to those who read and enjoyed it but didn't post. I hope all of you enjoyed it. We all learned a little more about God's tremendous love and protection.

    Check back Friday for a new chapter. This will serve as the Wednesday wrap up. Please respond to this with any ideas or suggestions for the future studies. I'm always open to suggestions because I know that different people respond to different learning styles.

    Everyone have a blessed week.