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  1. Harmony

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    Marc, How is your Dad doing? I'll keep him in my prayers. We'll look forward to hearing from you.

    God bless!
  2. MarcRaim

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    Thank you so much for asking. My dad is doing much better. He stayed in the hospital about five days, and they increased his coumadin and put him on cardizem.

    We're hoping this will stabilize things for a while---he's been rushed to the ER and then admitted to the hospital five times in nine months.

    The odd thing is that at 80 he is much healthier than I am at 52---except that keeps having these TIA's (mini-strokes). His diet is good, he uses a treadmill every day, and is able to walk a mile each way to the grocery store or bank.

    We're hoping that he continues to do well---in May my youngest son graduates from high school and my oldest son graduates from college---my dad would really like to be there for both of these milestones.

  3. Harmony

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    Hi Marc,
    I'm so glad you hear your Dad is doing better. That is an answer to prayer. I wish I could walk a mile and use a treadmill! Sounds like besides the TIA's he's doing well for 80.

    I'll pray that he'll be able to go to both of your son's graduations as I know that is a very special time.

    God bless you!