Marine World Africa USA.....yeah.....I was there!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PrsJah, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. PrsJah

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    yesterday the family and I headed out to Marine World! It was soo fun. But I had to walk for 8 hours and after 4 the pain kicked in. Today I am feeling the burn!! Yikes, my shoulders are killing me and my legs. Owwwwiieee!!! I knew what would result from yesterdays escapade but Iw anted a good memory with family for when I get worse and I can't do these things. It was worth it. Keep your chins up everyone!!!!
  2. pam_d

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    I know it's hard to do these things, but sometimes it's worth it to have the experience with your family. I just hope by tomorrow, you're feeling a little better.

    Until last year, I lived near there; lived in Santa Rosa, then Larkspur, then moved south to Santa Cruz. Haven't been to MarineWorld Africa USA for a while.... logged more time at Great America in San Jose. Now I live far away in Kansas City---some good theme parks here, too!

    Hope you are better tomorrow!

  3. PrsJah

    PrsJah New Member

    I did have a blast but today's pain just gets worse and worse. I just woke from a restless nap and feel more tired than I went in. My neck is starting to feel achy and I feel as though the flu is coming on but i know better don't I? LOL.........
  4. mamafurr

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    way back when...i actually lived in redwood city where the original marine world was, and had many friends who worked there. so when a friend of mine said she had a surprise for me for my birthday, my husband and i followed them until we got to vallejo and i almost died! that was before i even felt as bad as i do today. to say the least...NEVER again. and the reason i was so panicked was i had been 1 year before to my husband's work's company party.
    i was grateful and didn't let her know how disappointed i was.
    they really need those walking ramps they have at airports :).....too much.

    i can't wait until my daughter calls and says..."mom, your granddaughter wants to go to marine world for the 1st time..will you come"?..better double up on the pain meds LOL