markers in blood??

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    has anyone heard that doctors have found markers in blood that may indicate whether you may be susceptable (sp?) to FM?? someone at my support group had mentioned that she had heard something to that effect 2 years ago. that would be handy for the family of someone who has FM to see if it is a possibility that they may develop the disorder.

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    For CFS and FM, they found differences in gene activation. Word is that may lead to test to detect CFS or FM.

    Also, Doctor Sakudo in Japan has been using near visible infrared spectrograph (I think that is the name). He uses blood in that test. He was able to tell the CFS people from healthy 97% in one study. I also heard he is doing more studies to see if he can distinguish CFS people from MS people and others with similar illnesses. Patent is applied for, I have heard.

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    thanks tina for some imput, i hadn't a truly is amazing some of the technology that they come up with these days. sounds as if it will be similar to some of the genetic testing they can do these days, you have the predisposition for whatever you are testing for but it doesn't mean you will get it.

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