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    Please pray for me while I'm goimg through this lord. I asked for a divorce today. I don't know anymore. Please pray that I can work out my marriage or if I need to divorce please pray for that also. My Mom died on March 17th. I am so lost lord I can't stand it. I'm so depressed.
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    I am so sorry that your marriage has come to the point of your asking for a divorce. With the stress you've been under, maybe you need to step back and try to take some time for yourself and prayer before deciding defintely that a divorce is best. I will pray with you that the Lord leads you in the direction that is best.
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    I am so sorry to hear about your mom and I am praying for you honey. And I agree with hangininthere, don't make any decisions within a year, your mind is not thinking clearly, you think it is but it really isnt.

    My dad died and I was so blown away I got married to a man and it was a big mistake. and i ruined a good part of my life. I am trying to get it together but its really hard.

    May God bless you and give you strength to make a wise decision.

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    I think I may know how your feel. I'm seeing the same situation unfold in my own life.

    My mom died two years ago. My marriage isn't what I expected it to be. Now my husband is sick, so I would feel like a guilty thief if I left him now.

    I love him, but I don't feel love from him. He doesn't express himself. He never did.

    Before we married, he was all over me. Bought me roses all the time.

    After we married, it was like a cold wind blew in. I have stayed because of my marriage vows and because I do care for him. But I'm going through some major mood swings this week because of it.

    I know if I leave, I will have to give up everything we've worked for. He keeps saying that we are going to be together for the next 20 years. But my heart says "no we won't".

    I don't know what to do. Talking to him doesn't help. He feels so sick now, it doesn't do much good anyway.

    My mom was my confidant. She was always there for me, now she's not.

    If this had just happened, I could see me in it for the long haul. But it didn't and I'm concerned for him and myself.

    I just don't know what to do. I'm grieving over my marriage, and my mom, and the life I may have had if I had married anyone else.

    I'm sorry for your pain. I will pray for you.
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    don't make any huge decisions, you don't sound sure .....focus on healing from losing your sorry...