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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sceptical, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Sceptical

    Sceptical New Member

    Has anyone tried this protocol? Prof. Marschall claims that Olmesartan - an anti-hypertensive drug - works as a VDR agonists and has an additional antiinflammatory effect. This treatment is "curative" but may last up to 6 years.

    Any experience? Sounds good.
  2. deepak

    deepak Member

    I have been taking olmesartan since years to treat high blood pressure but I take a dose of 40 mg whereas I think this article talks of much higher doses. I wonder what the effect of the much higher doses would be on a persons BP.

  3. deepak

    deepak Member

    Have you gotten started on the TF's yet ?

  4. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    The MP seems to work for some and for others not so great. Google the MP + adverse events. There are some scary things like super low BP and kidney failure.
  5. wacquiebob

    wacquiebob New Member

    I see that you are asking about the Marshal protocol. Did you stop taking the nexavir? What are your thought about that regimen?
  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    Did feel the die off of pathogens while on it.

    Will say that Cheney thinks that it pushes the Th1-Th2 problem with the
    immune system the wrong way.

    If I had sacroid, I would be on it in a heartbeat though.

    I had to stop because my mother died and I had to attend to that and
    when I got home, the house was being rewired and how can you do
    that in the dark. So I took down all the black bags that were on our
    windowns. Sunblock shades were not enough to block the sun in Florida.
    Also, my family didn't want me to go back on it. That an my doc would
    not rx the drugs any more for the MP. That had more to do with the
    garb (all black, ball cap and NOIR sunglasses we had to wear). Stupid
    reason, really.

    Would I do it again if I could. Maybe. Some ppl could do it and still work.
    If I went out in the light. Like to fly to my mother's home after her stroke,
    my heart would race and I would be awake all night just from the exposure
    to sunlight.

  7. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    First I want to be absolutely clear that I was a careful follower of doing the MP to the letter. The Benicar relieved me of the horrid daily migraine the first year and it helped me with heart pain around the second year. Other than that it did nothing good for me. My health began declining after the second year but I stuck with it cause they kept telling me I would get better. Nope! :/

    Finally I got further testing and found out I needed to do the Wheldon Protocol for high titers of C. pneumonia. Robbing your body of vitamin D (I agree with Spacee... unless you have sarcoidosis) only harms your immune system if you ask me. It set me up for the perfect C. pneumonia factory at any rate with the low dose antibiotics and my vit D levels so low almost non existent at 4. They told me the MP would kill all pathogens. Nope!

    Before and during MP I could not stand light exposure, got dizzy, heart hurt & palpitations, many symptoms flared plus my eyes would burn and turn red from it. Now after a few years on Wheldon Protocol I can go outdoors with no eye protection and don't have all that going on anymore. I take 6,000 IU of vit. D per day to keep my level around 50. I feel healthier now cause my finger nails are stronger not paper thin brittle and breaking off before they should. Imagine my bones thank me now too. :)

    I often wonder why some do so well on MP and others like me don't. Maybe if you have Cpn it just makes it worse? MS patients need to take large doses of vitamin D so maybe I am more like them? I'm still not well, but I am tons less miserable now from doing the Wheldon Protocol. That is worth a lot to me. BTW, It was hell the first year on it. Anyway, still looking for the "magic bullet". ;)

    Hope something I said gives some food for thought. :)


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  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    Great to hear from you...remember teaching me how to do the MP.

    I'm like you, better, but still looking.


  9. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Ditto. :)

    Glad to hear you are better at any rate. I have wondered often how you been.
    So fun to reconnect with you.

    I am now better than I have been since I originally crashed in 2002. But I still can't do a heck of a lot. Anyway, life is much more pleasant so that is worth something. ;)

    You looking at anything interesting you wanna share here? ;)

    Hugs back,

  10. Sceptical

    Sceptical New Member


    You guys remember everything !

    I was put on Nexavir between 2008-2010. It helped me a lot. I was also taking VSL3 (1-1-0-1-1-0) and I still use hydroxocobalamine IM B12 10mg/2x per week.
    Nexavir was good but it's over. I did not improve further. In addition, DMPS chelation caused huge damage. This was when Nexavir stopped working.

    I work out in the gym but I am tired and take a lot of medication for anxiety and sleep. These symptoms respond very well to immunomodulating agents but at this time I do not have any. I will be put on GcMAF soon.

    My new test result is REDLABS Brussels are somwhat confusing: low NK activity, nagalase elevated (1.8.), IL 8 very high (300), CD18 elevated. This indicates chronic immune activity and chronic inflammation probably caused by intracellular pathogens.

    No, I have not tried TF. I tested negative now for HHV6 and EBV and I do not see any scientific support behind taking general TF. I do not have too much money. I am somewhat hesitant to experiment with TF. Proboost was weak as well. I works but as compared to Nexavir, it is nothing.

    Any idea?

    Thanks for your answers and experience.

    Finally, according to the Marschall Protocol, D3 vitamin is harmful. However, GcMAF must be taken with D3 in order to be more effective. You can find scientific paper for everything.

  11. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Yes, you can find scientific paper for everything BUT I want to make a couple points about D3 vitamin. We need to use some common sense here. Right? ;) Many more of the scientific papers say D3 vit. is good for the immune system and population at large. Very few say otherwise. In fact, other than the MP do you know of any? Most people with poor immune system do better when they watch that their 25 D levels stay around 50+. The exception is folks with sarc of course which is originally what the MP was designed for anyway.

    MP benefit or not? Which for you? Only you will really know if you want to be a guinea pig. ;) But a friend of mine was keeping track of all the MPers that were getting cancer and THAT was looking discouraging as well to us. Plus those that were having serious bone loss, kidney damage, etc. It can be risky no doubt! If I knew what I knew now I would not have done it at all even though my doc at the time believed in it. That was another influence that tipped me to do it BTW. I realize now not everything a doc believes in is right. Just because a doc says so doesn't change that I need to take responsibility to understand things fully myself before I do them. Docs are human too and make mistakes. ;)

    Because D3 vit. made me very ill back in 2004 when I began the MP I figured I was better without it. So is partly why the MP seemingly made sense to me. What I didn't realize is that w/o keeping my 25 D levels 50+ fortifying my immune system and taking low dose antibiotics I became the perfect factory for Cpn to flourish. This according to my friend who spoke with Dr. Stratton who has done extensive research on Cpn. Plus he said that Cpn will never be eliminated by the low dose antibiotics on MP. As I became more well on the Wheldon protocol I was able to ramp up vit D3 finally w/o too much trouble. It is recommended for those that have chronic infections to keep the level 50+ which aids the immune system. I do feel much more healthy these days for sure.

    But something is still broken and needs fixed because I still have PEM, etc. I am interested in GcMaf as well as Rituximab and also the Peptide injections Mikie is taking. But I will watch and see for quite some time. Just working now on getting healthy as much as possible with supplements and diet and planning for the next and probably my last experiment. LOL Better be a good one, aye? ;)

    Hope my more detailed explanation will help somehow, you, someone, anyone here. All my best as we all look for THE ANSWER. ~Dee
  12. Sceptical

    Sceptical New Member

    We are all in a huge clinical trial. My experience is that B12 IM 10mg twice per week is absolutely necessary in addition to VSL3 probiotics (it may alsa cause side effects so I take it intermittently) AND immunomodulating agents. My major problem is extra anxiety and sleep. I have always been a very active type, this disease heavily relies on our genetic predisposition. In addition, inflammatory cytokins and chronic inflammation are behind this anxiety. Because immunomodulating agents were my best remedies against all the symptoms including anxiety, I am eager to try GcMAF. Maybe transfer factor as well but I am not sure.

    What D3 is concerned, I love the sun. However, Professor Marschall might be right with D3 to some level bc I love the sun (I look tanned from April until October) but I experience a worsening of symptoms. Anxiety first and some fatigue. I cannot live in my room, I need some sun exposure.

    Any experience wit GcMAF or general Transfer Factor?

    I will be put on the sooner and I am gonna share my experience.

    Take care,
  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    One thing I tried is the low dose Naltrexone (LDN). Lot's of info at
    The site is somewhat confusing since it is a nonprofit just trying to get the
    word out about LDN. Info is just added as someone finds it, it seems.

    LDN helps low NK cells. Plus a lot of immune stuff. You have to be off
    all opiod meds including tramadol/ultram. I was able to stop it but an
    20yo urinary tract pain (that was made worse by a product added to DMSO
    back in the 80's but is not on the market now), so I was not able to stay
    on the LDN. Wish I could have. And anything that we use that is about $20
    at Skips Pharmacy in Boca (have to use a compounding Pharmacy) is music
    to my ears.

    I think a general TF is worth a try. The year my Twin took it she didn't get
    the flu tho she worked in a hospital lab and touched everything everyone
    else did...and they got the flu. She did get the flu the year she took the flu

    Dee, I am planning to look into the peptide injections hopefully sooner rather
    than later. I live about 3 hours from Mikie's doc so Huz would have to drive me
    and it means spending the nite cause you need to be there in the am. Well,
    you have to fast before the injection.

    Right now, I am building myself up with the TF's to be at my "top" energy wise for a wedding in June. After that, I'm free to try the peptides when Huz is ready to drive me. He stays so busy though, but we will see. Sun/Mon might work for me if it does the doc.

    It's amazing what has been tried on these boards over the years :)

  14. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    I have always been somewhat interested in LDN but haven't ventured there yet.

    I tried to use TF's without much success in the long run. The one I got from Dr. Brewer I think it was ? can't think of it, for HHV6 was the one I had the most success with.

    But in hindsight the Cpn was so bad everything I did was only making me suffer more. LOL Better days now with the Cpn titers lower for sure. Got a ways to go but have made good strides.

    Anyway, I am really interested in Dr. Chia's Equilibrant but not sure I can take it. He said its not for those with autoimmune disease.

    I have a lot of white skin patches now so thinking it is vitiligo which I believe is thought to be autoimmune. But maybe even so it would not be considered to be a problem since it is only skin pigment? Not joints, etc. Not sure why Dr. Chia stipulated that. Need to find out. Anybody with any insight here?

    Anyway, I know I did have high titers for EBV and HHV6 and don't know if the Lauricidin I am taking has brought them down. Should ask to get retested next lab draw.

    Well, I am a long way from FL so won't be able to join you and Mikie on your peptide journey (unless Seattle has a doc? LOL) Sure does sound interesting. Money is a big issue though as we are on SS now. Bad economy forced us early. Wonder how many early retirements have skewed the job statistics these days. ;)

    It is because of people like you on this board I have kept my sanity trying to figure out things over the years. :) Much gratitude for all of you sharing here.

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    Odd how we can have similar symtoms but different reasons. I tested
    neg to Cpn but something is going on.

    I am now positive for Sjogren's Syndrome and several of us here are. My ANA went up to 1280 but when I did the doxy/antifungal rotation, my ANA went
    down to 360. Did the doxy do it? Can't prove it. But it hasn't gone back to

    If I am not on TF's, I get terribly ill if out in the with gkids. But
    on TF's I'm ok. Not that I hang around outside, I think that is not a good idea
    for me.

    Tried the Lauricidin but no reaction. Add deribose, NT Factor to that list too.

    I think there are 6 docs who do the peptide. Maybe one is on the west coast.
    Not sure. Getting off meds for two days would be torture. Who knows if
    I will be able to try it.

    Yes, the recession has thrown alot of ppl into early retirement. Or, like us,
    son's who can't find jobs and we help support them.

    Yes, I agree, without the board, life would have been so much worse.

  16. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    That is so amazing that the TF keeps your immune system balanced so to speak in a way you might say. It riled up my symptoms something awful back in the day. I sure agree that it is very strange how we all have the same type symptoms but for different reasons so we all must experiment for ourselves to see what helps. What we can tolerate. Crazy disease for sure! :p

    Yeh. Same here. I only go outdoors for an hour or so. The sun still is damaging especially when it actually gets bright and hot once in awhile in the NW. I find it draining if out too long but at least now it doesn't cause dizziness, heart palps, red burning eyes, extreme fatigue response, etc. With my skin issues now I need to keep it out of the sun as those white patches burn pronto. Ouch! My daily double doses of Doxy don't help with it either. Sun hats, sun gloves, scarves, long sleeves and long pants for me. Not a MPer but still cover up for the most part. Lady MJ so to speak. LOL (God rest his soul).

    Hmmm. Maybe I should ask my doc for the ANA test now to check out whether I have become autoimmune at this point or not. It might not be an issue for me but I would like to know either way. Sorry to hear you have gotten the Sjorgens now too. :/

    Also I was tested again and found I have the low day cortisol but high at night as well as several neuro transmitters low so my doc has had me experiment with supplements to balance things. For cortisol issue it seems as if the Rhodiola Rosavins 15% calms things down but I have to take it early in the day and a double dose or it does opposite and keeps me awake at night. Doc says less than 15% rosavins does not work so patients using the 3%, 5% or 9% don't get good results. Anyway, the bottom line is sleep is so important so finally I found a combo that works for me after years of very little deep sleep. Along with it I use the enzymatic sleep formula at bedtime to help with the cortisol at night. So far so good. Hope it doesn't wear out like so many things do. I am too sensitive so do avoid RX's for sleep or pain.

    Well, I can't keep my eyes open so I would say it is time to quit yakking and go to bed. ;)

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    (Seems we have hijacked Skeptical's thread) Sorry, Skepital!).

    But I too have no am cortisol. My doc comes up with absolutely no ideas
    about labs on his own. I look healthy, there I am healthy to him. He has
    had quite a few surprises with my labs over the years.

    I told my brother that I could not be awake at 8am and 4pm for the cortisol
    test. So he told me to drive over and just sleep in my car. I made it and
    that is what it showed.

    I just go with it and tell anyone who has to come to the house, that they can't
    come before noon :)

    An online friend wanted me to have every test that she had had done so we
    could compare. Her doc always did an ANA so I asked my doc. Gee, did he
    ever look like he had egg on his face. He offered me methrotrex (?) but
    I said no. Later I read they don't give it to ppl over 62 because of the toxicity.
    And now I am 62.

    Humor me with this long tale. My doc with the first positive ANA told me "I think you have 'mixconnective tissue disorder". 6 months later, Cindy wanted
    me to repeat the ANA and also so something like a antirnp (that's not it but
    all I can remember). My doc asked me what that was for. Me "I have no idea".
    Turns out that test "ruled out mixed connective disorder". lol.

    Sounds like you still have the same doc. Maybe. I will have to google Rosavins. You do keep me up on new things....Thanks so much!

    Guess the MP did 'teach' you how to dress! :)


  18. mary01

    mary01 New Member

    Can you please tell me the titre of your C Pneumonia?

  19. mary01

    mary01 New Member


    Please tell about Nexavir. I've not heard of it. What did you take it for and how much?

  20. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Oh dear. So sorry Adam for "hijacking" your post with spacee. I don't post or reply often and forgot my manners in my rusty foggy brain. Please forgive me.

    Spacee, the Rhodiola with 15% Rosavin is considered to be an adaptogen which helps three systems in the body: nervous system, hormone and immune system. But my doc said it has helped some patients like me have better sleep cycles. BTW about that doc comment ... my old doc sent me away years ago, saying to me, I can't help you, when MP didn't work for me. LOL No hard feelings, I have a really great doc now. ;) Got a kick out of your doc story & comments. :)

    Sorry Mary01. I'd need to dig out my medical file. How about I post it for you later.

    Adam, I won't use your post. I'll do a separate one for it. :)

    Be well my friends. Take care.
  21. Sceptical

    Sceptical New Member

    Yes ! You have hijacked my post. No worries.

    As for Nexavir: 2ml/day for 2 years. If you can afford, you can experiment with 2 ml/3 ml/4ml/3ml/2ml...

    it eradicated my hyperanxiety totally. I was a miracle.

    Unfortunately, I was put on DMPS chelation and now I am struggling with the same problems. (hyperstimulation). Otherwise, my medical condition has improved a lot. I work out in the gym. Sometimes I looked stoned but I am there.
    take care,

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