Marshall Protocol anyone?

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    My LLMD has me on the Marshall Protocol. I am getting so many questions as to how it works and is it just a scam thing. Just wondering if anyone else on here is being treated with the same protocol. It is so hard also to find food a person can eat and be able to afford to buy it. I am just starting it, been on 3 weeks and had a good HERX on 11-30, 12-1& 2. Had to ramp up the Benicar to every 4 hrs. I do not know why, but it has helped. Spiked a fever and felt like crud. I can see that buying the Benicar and antibiotic are not going to be cheap. I so want to feel better, but not sure about being able to afford it. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Yes, I have done phases 1 & 2... I want to finish with phase 3, too much time elapses for me in between because of 'life', but I have seen some gains. I have not been officially dx'd with lyme as I can't afford the tests... but I can tell you that due to the CFIDS symptoms that I had plus the gains I saw on the MP (& herxing!) led me to successfully get my then almost 18 yo son to an LLMD when our internist couldn't dx him - he had all my symptoms plus very bad pain all over by then (he was CDC+ twice on IGenex). We realize that he'd been slowly getting ill over a 5 year period... (No, he didn't do the MP, his choice).

    I lost all the crippling pain in my hip (I was having a harder time in 2004 than my then 87 yo MIL!) - And I also do not need thyroid. I did feel a surge of energy each time I finish a phase... also my sinus headaches have finally gotten better. So-- I DO need to finish!!!

    There are some others here who have done it and progressed... but as you know it's controversial. Other than Jarjar, I'm having a hard time remembering right now who else is on it. I don't think the search feature here works well enough, yet... but the MP site should give you a lot of support.

    There's nothing that's 100% successful and that everyone can tolerate...

    not everyone of course does well on the MP, same as with the herbal protocols and/or the abx whether IV or oral.

    My son is still dealing with problems, is now 21 yo ........... now he is dealing with a large heavy metals load. Very weird as we lived in the same house since before he was born, but someone told me that lyme can release heavy metals they've sucked up. Sure hope that's true and despite the difficulties, that it's a good sign.

    The Benicar every 4 hours helps to mitigate/slow down the herxing, btw. Glad to see you have an open-minded doctor!

    all the best,

    PS: depending on family income and if you've filed for SS, you may be able to qualify for free RX assistance. What's required is very low or zero income, a turndown by SS plus about 6 weeks average processing time.... I'd looked into it for my son, but because his abx were being changed about every 8-12-16 weeks, we never could know reliably what he'd be taking.

    Doctors were a help, often gave us free samples... including the MP doctor. Actually, due to the low doses of abx, I can tell you the costs are much lower than doing what the LLMDs prescribe.

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    My LLMD is actually a DO. My problem is that I am still working and have never even tried SS. I was first diagnosed with FM. I had some really bad problems after having had pneumonia in January of this year. Finally went to my regular doc and asked if it could be FM. Was sent to Rheumy and ruled out RA, Lupus and one other thing. I missed a lot of work in Aug and Sept and had to put in for FMLA in order to keep my job. My boss suggested this LLMD and the Doc listened to my complaints and handed me the questionaire and before testing, was 95% certain I have Lyme. Lyme test came back positive, but both Vitamin D tests hadn't come back yet when I was there the middle of Nov. Other blood work indicative of inflamation and infection. I am trying my best to stay on the MP, but it is so tough. Here in the southern-midwest, don't have access to all the fancy markets to get all the natural and organic foods. Had my first Herx, and it wasn't fun. I just had to keep telling myself that it is good to feel that bad!!!
    Thanks so much for you info Victoria!