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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by HppeandMe, Oct 26, 2006.

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    My doctor has me on what is called a Modified Marshall Program. He has me take Minocycline every other day and Alinia every day. The Alinia had me herxing way to hard. I was supposed to take 2 in the morning and two in the evening. Now I can only tolerate one in the evening.

    I am not sure if Alinia is part of the program, but if you don't have to work I would take the highest dose I could stand. It just really seems to be doing a job on those funky spirochetes! I believe my doc said he found Alinia to be extremely helpful in the TX of Lyme disease.

    In any case, I wanted to find out what I am doing is modified. What do you do on your Marshall Protocol that I do not?

  2. jarjar

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    On the MP you start out on light and sun avoidance plus benicar. Next you pulse mino every other day then later you work in Zithromax. Taking only a very small dose every 10 days. MP rules won't allow me to discuss any further abx as that is in stage 3 of the protocol.

    I have no idea what your doctor is up to but it wouldn't be approved by Dr. Marshall. But any doc can creat their own protocol.

    I hope you and everyone else has signed the petition that Victoria has posted as they are trying to stop letting us take long term antibiotics.

    This is very serious.
  3. bsyounges

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    i am also on what my dr. referred to as a modified marshall protocol. actually i am on parts of several.
    i take sawmento drops morning and night which is part of the bruher (sp) protocol to atack the lyme.
    i take alinia, originally 2 times a day every day and now pulsed every other day with zithromax. the alinia is a new malaria - antiparisite drug, not specifically an antibiotic acording to my doc. it was prescribed for a babesia coinfection, not lyme.
    i am also on benicar (which somehow helps the antibiotic work better), a high blood pressure med (countered with salt tabs to keep my blood pressure up)along with minocycline this is also part of the marschal protocol.
    and once a week i get an IV of vitamin C, b cocktail and glutetione, which is partly a lyme killer, immune and energy boost and detoxer.
    taking a couple months off from work so we are treating it pretty aggresively

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